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CMA, CPhA issue "bold vision": no more paper prescriptions by 2015

The CMA and Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) have joined forces to create a "bold vision for the future of e-prescribing in Canada."

In fact, the vision is so bold the joint statement the two groups released in May calls for all prescriptions in Canada to be "created, signed and transmitted electronically" by 2015.

"Now this bold vision must be matched with bold action to advance e-prescribing for the benefit of patients," said CMA President Anna Reid.

The statement says the switch from phone, fax and paper prescriptions will bring numerous benefits for patients, care providers and the health care system, particularly by improving patient safety and making health care more efficient.

CPhA President Paula MacNeil said the move will also allow physicians and pharmacists to employ prescription drugs more efficiently, "but we need the proper tools to do it."

The joint statement called on the provinces and territories, as well as the Canada Health Infoway, to "complete the building blocks to support e-prescribing, particularly the electronic connectivity requirements among points of care."

The statement acknowledges that accomplishing the goal by 2015 will "not necessarily be an easy vision to achieve," but says the benefits of such a move "are undeniable and well worth the effort."

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