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There’s a CMA connection in Sochi

There was a CMA connection in Sochi, Russia, when the Winter Olympics began Feb. 7. Lucie Boileau, the CMA’s senior adviser for communications and public outreach, will be handling media relation duties in Russia as part of the media-management contingent for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Boileau volunteered for the posting, which involved 30 hours’ travel from Ottawa to Sochi, a city on Russia’s Black Sea coast.

She will be part of a five-member communications team working out of Canada House, and her main duty will be arranging for journalists to interview the 221 athletes on the Canadian Olympic team.

She will not be the only CMA connection there. As the Medical Post reported, at least five CMA members will be serving as team physicians in Sochi:

  • Dr. Marni Wesner, Edmonton, team physician, men’s and women’s figure skating
  • Dr. Robert Litchfield, London, Ont., team physician, skiing
  • Dr. Nicholas Sauvé, Montreal, team physician, short-track speed skating
  • Dr. Jim Thorne, Calgary, team physician, men’s hockey
  • Dr. Wanda Millard, London, Ont., team physician, women’s hockey

Boileau will spend 10 days working in the Olympic Village before returning to Canada Feb. 17.

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