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​CMA launches cross-country discussions to build a strong future for medical culture and professionalism

​May 17, 2017 – As it celebrates its 150th anniversary, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is launching a country-wide series of discussions, online and face-to-face, to modernize and strengthen medicine’s values and commitments to reflect the contemporary expectations and professional responsibilities of the profession. The CMA is inviting physician members to weigh in on key topics through the CMA Community​ (login required).
Key themes being discussed:
  • Our culture and community as a profession
  • Our development and support as physicians
  • Care delivery and the patient experience
  • Leveraging our voice and influence
  • Generational change and diversity within our profession
 “Amidst revolutionary changes in health care, we can’t lose sight of the fundamental pillars that guide how we interact with patients, physician-colleagues, and other health care professionals. It is timely to have a conversation on the values and principles that define our profession,” said Dr. Granger Avery, the CMA president. “The CMA is committed to working with physicians to develop a new, inclusive vision for the profession.”
The CMA is involving physicians and trainees directly as “co-creators” of the new progressive, values-based vision for medicine.
The CMA’s work on professionalism will focus on three key deliverables:
  • ​A Charter of Shared Values – articulating the values and commitments that further strengthen professional responsibilities to which physicians can commit to in support of a unified profession, in the service of patients.
  • A  new Code of Ethics and Professionalism –   identifying the fundamental values and commitments to which the profession aspires and articulating physicians’ obligations to patients and society, to guide the ethical practice of medicine.
  • An Accountability Framework – creating a framework to which physicians are accountable as a commitment to the health system.
 From now to the end of the year, the CMA will be meeting with physicians and others to move this issue forward and it will be the main topic of discussion at the CMA’s Annual General Meeting in Quebec City in August.