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CMA reaches out to Alberta MDs in wake of floods

CMA President Anna Reid contacted physicians in flood-ravaged Alberta June 24 to offer "a message of support and to let you know that you are in our thoughts."

The floods, which devastated Calgary and nearby communities such as High River and Canmore, caused tremendous property damage and at least three deaths.

Hundreds of soldiers have been sent to provide assistance in southern Alberta, where some areas have been described as "resembling a war zone" because of the floods, described as the worst in the province's history.

"We have heard touching stories of how Albertans are supporting one another," Reid wrote. "For instance, I am aware that the president of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), Dr. R. Michael Giuffre, opened up his home to help those who have been less fortunate."

Reid said the AMA's representatives on the CMA Board of Directors provided the CMA with updates on the situation as it developed.

"We are aware of your struggle," wrote Reid, "and I want to let you know that you are not alone."

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