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New e-newsletter to feature customized content, far larger readership

Thanks to a relaunch of the CMA’s e-newsletter, circulation is going to triple to 60,000 members in January, and for the first time the content they receive will be customized according to their membership in the student, resident or practising/retired member category.

“This will be a major step forward in our ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with members,” said Tim Smith, the CMA’s interim secretary general and CEO. “The new segmented approach will be particularly useful because it will allow for the delivery of information targeted to specific member categories.”

The relaunch will also include the introduction of a new name, with the former CMA News e-newsletter evolving into the electronic CMA Bulletin. Content from four existing e-newsletters — In Practice, CME Updates and separate newsletters for students and residents — will also be rolled into the new vehicle.

John Feeley, the director of divisions and PTMAs, says the relaunch provides numerous benefits. “Instead of receiving three e-newsletters members will receive one, and we are convinced that in this case less will indeed be more.”

Feeley said the newsletter’s new title already enjoys brand equity because of the one-page CMA Bulletin that has appeared in every issue of CMAJ since 2004. The title also works equally well in English and French.

The expanded distribution is possible because the relaunch allows for a move to an opt-out format instead of the opt-in format employed for CMA News. A campaign will also be launched to gather email addresses for the 20,000 members who have not provided contact information.

Highlights of the relaunch include:

  • frequency will increase to 12 times/year (previously 10)
  • promotional opportunities for CMA products will be available
  • a web-friendly format will be employed

Pat Rich is managing editor of the new newsletter. Additional details are available from Nick Farinaccio.

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