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Physicians from across the country gather to discuss top issues in health 

Quebec City, Quebec, August 20, 2017 — Leaders of Canada's medical profession are gathering in Quebec City from August 20 to 23 to address some of the burning issues confronting the health of Canadians.

Top of the agenda is Canada's opioid crisis, medical aid in dying, innovation in health care and medical professionalism.

Federal Minister of Health Jane P​hilpott will deliver a keynote address on Monday, August 21, and Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Gaétan Barrette will address the delegation on Tuesday, August 22.

In the context of this annual gathering, the CMA will also acknowledge a key milestone in the association's history – its 150th anniversary. The 2017 General Council and Annual Meeting is being held in Quebec City where the association was originally formed 150 years ago.

"With Canada's physicians coming together in Quebec City, there is no better time to build on 150 years of medical advances," states CMA President Dr. Granger Avery. "Canadian Health Care and the medical profession are at a cross-roads at this time, and our meeting in Quebec City, where CMA was founded 150 years ago, is an important opportunity to address the health challenges we face as a profession, and as a country as a whole".

Canadian physicians continue to play a key role in mitigating Canada's opioid crisis and experts and health care professionals who have been on the front lines of this issue will present their perspectives. This session will focus on how physician action and advocacy can help address the crisis, with a focus on the management and treatment of pain and addiction and through harm reduction.

Physicians, media and the public are encouraged to visit to watch various sessions live over the course of the event. For the full program, please visit