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Red Cross seeking anesthesiologists, surgeons for emergency deployments

The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is seeking anesthesiologists and surgeons who would be willing to serve four-to-six-week terms with its emergency response unit (ERU).

Physicians serving with the ERU must be available on short notice to serve anywhere in the world. "The success of an ERU deployment relies on the quality, flexibility and skills of its [staff]," says Red Cross spokesperson Hossam Elsharkawi.

Potential CRC surgeons will be required to provide surgical care in an emergency setting and must help establish and manage their unit's operating theatre and obstetric ward, in cooperation with anesthetists and nursing staff.

Key tasks include all types of general surgery, including cesarean sections, as well as emergency triage and resuscitation. Two of the essential requirements are the ability to work with both adult and pediatric patients and to deliver and supervise care "in low-resource settings."

CRC anesthesiologists are responsible for managing required equipment and drugs, and provide local and general anesthesia as required. The ability to practice in a "low-resource setting" is considered an essential requirement.

Additional details about the ERU and related job openings are available online.

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