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Statement by Dr. Laurent Marcoux, President of the Canadian Medical Association, on CMA meeting with Minister Morneau

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) met today with Finance Minister Bill Morneau, at the Minister’s request, to voice the concerns of physicians and the small business community on the government’s proposal to change well-established tax planning measures.

Our delegation comprised Dr. L. Marcoux, CMA President; Dr. G. Osler, CMA President Elect; Dr. S. Whatley, Ontario Medical Association President; and Dr. T. Larsen Soles, Doctors of BC President. CMA staff in attendance included CEO Tim Smith; John Feeley, Vice-President of Member Relevance; and Joseph Mayer, Vice-President of Patient and Public Engagement.

During the hour-long meeting, Minister Morneau heard directly from physician-representatives on the realities of operating a medical practice as a small business; how we rely on working capital to expand practice coverage, and the importance of investing in equipment and buying medical supplies, or having working capital to offset unanticipated costs, sick or parental leave, staff turn-over, and other business requirements.

We described to the Minister the far-reaching implications of the proposals, and emphasized that the short time frame for consultation is not conducive to a resolution that takes into account the myriad of issues confronting small business operators.

We expressed our willingness to work with government to find solutions which will promote the continued success of small businesses and medical practices in Canada. 

Dr. Laurent Marcoux, Canadian Medical Association President