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Avery elected the 2015 CMA president-elect nominee

Dr. Granger Avery has been selected by members of Doctors of BC to be their nominee as president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

Avery received more of the 2,624 votes cast than either of the two other candidates — Drs. Shelley Ross and Nasir Jetha.

If the nomination is confirmed by General Council in August — usually a formality — Avery will serve as president-elect until August 2016, when he will take on the mantle of president during the CMA’s 149th annual meeting in Vancouver.

Avery is a general practitioner from Port McNeill, on the northeastern shore of Vancouver Island. He served as president of Doctors of BC (then known as the BC Medical Association) in 1997-98 and has been chair of the general meeting of that association since 2009.

Avery was a member of the CMA Board of Directors for 10 years; the two other candidates have both been recent presidents of the provincial association and are current members of the CMA board.

Voting for the position took place electronically from Jan. 16 to Feb. 23, and all candidates campaigned actively for the position in person, online and through social media.

In his candidate statement posted on his election web page, Avery stressed his background in rural generalist practice and his three decades of experience in medical politics.

“Despite the continued conscientious work by physicians, Canada has recently been ranked 10th of 11 Western nations’ health systems by the Commonwealth Fund and 5th of 11 for costs per capita,” he wrote. “The well-recognized federal retreat from Canadian health care responsibilities has been a large part of this, and must change.”

In a Jan. 15 letter to doctors in the province he added: “I think the CMA has an indispensable role in reversing the trend and improving the system for all Canadians.”

In other documents referenced on the website, Avery weighed in on the importance of generalism in medicine and has committed to working to relieve the debt load facing medical students.

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