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Canadian Medical Forum to map future of role of physicians

The forum representing major medical organizations in Canada is inviting physicians to a respond to a poll to help define the future role of the profession.

“The Evolving Role of Physicians and the Medical Profession” is an ambitious project launched by the Canadian Medical Forum to develop a “collective vision” on the evolving role of physicians — both at the clinical nterface and at the health system level.

“This is a major undertaking intended to help answer some of the critical questions about the physicians’ roles and responsibilities in Canadian society today,” said CMA President Chris Simpson.

The Forum has official representation from 10 medical organizations including the Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Association of Internes and Residents and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students.

While each member association will employ various channels to engage its own membership to fill out the Ipsos Reid survey, any Canadian physicians who wish to complete the online survey may do so.

The Forum is using a phased approach to gather information, starting with physicians. However, other health professionals, health system administrators and the public will also be involved over the next 12 months.

Open-ended questions in the survey invite feedback on topics such as the biggest obstacles practising physicians face in daily clinical care, and the ideal role of physicians in 10 years. Other questions look at factors contributing to the level of trust between physicians and patients and challenges to delivering high-quality, patient-centred care.

Survey questions were developed with input from individual in-depth interviews with physician leaders and front-line physicians.

“Results from the exercise will align well with current CMA activities looking at the unique value physicians bring to the health care system and how to support professionalism in medicine,” said Simpson.

Since 1990, the Forum has played an important role in health human resources and medical education planning in Canada.

The survey can be accessed here by CMA members interested in completing it.

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