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Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Business Session of the 2016 Annual Meeting

(Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 9 :55 am – 10 :45 am PST)
Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, British Columbia

The CMA Annual Meeting incudes a panel of the CEOs and Chairs of the companies that make up the CMA group — a great chance for members to hear their thoughts and ask them your questions.

CMA Annual Meeting Chair

Dr. Cindy Forbes, CMA President and Annual Meeting Chair

CEO and Chair Panel

Dr Brian Brodie, Chair of the CMA Board
Mr. Tim Smith, CEO of the CMA
Dr. Suzanne Strasberg, Chair of MDFH,
Mr. Brian Peters, CEO of MDFH
Ms. Debbie Fischer, Chair of Joule
Ms. Lindee David, CEO of Joule

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Annual Meeting

  1. Report of the President on the
  2. General Council Meeting
  3. CMA Board and subsidiary Chair and CEO Panel and Question and Answer
  4. Approval of bylaws passed by General Council
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment