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CMA heading west to connect with members

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) will soon hold a representative regional meeting in Vancouver to get direct input from members in Western Canada on key issues facing the association.

The forum will take place Nov. 23 at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel.

“As a national organization with over 80,000 members across the country, getting input from front-line doctors is vital,” said CMA president Cindy Forbes. “That is why the CMA is pushing to develop new and innovative ways to connect and engage with as many members as possible.”

This push for increased member engagement will start with the Vancouver meeting, which will gather 100 members specially selected to represent key member demographics, as well as geographical representation. The initial invitation sent to members in provinces west of Ontario, the Yukon and Northwest Territories garnered close to 400 volunteers in a matter of days.

“We were ecstatic that there was so much interest and even though the event will be limited to 100 individuals, others will have the chance to provide input through a parallel, online consultation,” added Forbes.

The online dialogue will loop members into the forum virtually by inviting them to provide feedback on key issues such as: end-of-life care and assisted dying; immunization; and medical professionalism.

The decision to stage the first regional meeting in Vancouver was tied to the fact that the CMA’s 2016 General Council will take place there next August.

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