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CMA, Joule and MD Financial Management leaders engage on member challenges​

A special panel discussion with the CEOs and the Chairs of the Boards of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Joule and MD Financial Management (MD) provided members attending General Council with the chance to discuss key issues.

CMA Board Chair, Dr. Brian Brodie, started the interactive session by explaining how he relished the opportunity to respond to member questions, particularly ones centred on why they should be CMA members.

"I love this question, because to me it is the key to why we're all here and how we respond to the needs of members," said Dr. Brodie, who went on to cite the CMA's push to improve seniors care and the activity during last fall's election as examples of focused advocacy in action for CMA members.

Dr. Suzanne Strasberg, a Toronto family physician and chair of the MD Financial Holdings Board, picked up on that theme, commenting on how MD provides physician-focused financial services to members. "As a client, I feel the difference that dedication and objectivity make," said Dr. Strasberg. "My MD advisory teams know me, they know the pressures I face and genuinely have my best interests at heart."

A new component for the member discussion this year focused on Joule, CMA's newest company, which is focussed on helping CMA members provide quality care by providing them with the right products and services and driving physician-led innovation.

"Joule's sole purpose is to make your life easier — whether it is in relation to practice, personal leadership development or your desire to innovate," said Debbie Fischer, Chair of the Joule Board. "We aim to save you time and money by bringing you great products and services, and delivering them to you in a multitude of easy-to-access ways."

While there were no online questions from members – the session was opened up as part of "Virtual GC" this year – members attending the meeting in person commented on the modern approach for the meeting and the efforts of the CMA, Joule and MD to connect and serve members.

"Before this year, I never heard very much about the CMA and its work, but that has changed with the focus on the modern CMA," said one delegate. "I commend the CMA leadership for these changes and hope they will continue."

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