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CMA launches new online discussion forum

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched a new mechanism to encourage members to provide their direct input on the most important policy issues being dealt with by the association.

The CMA Member Dialogue is an easy-to-use online discussion forum hosted on the website and initiated last month in conjunction with the association’s first regional Members’ Forum held in Vancouver.

The member-only forum allows physicians to give feedback on issues affecting the profession as well as respond to key questions on emerging issues. It is part of a broader CMA strategy to better engage members at the grassroots level and encourage their participation in the policy development process.

“The CMA Member Dialogue is a new way for our members to communicate with the CMA on issues that are important to them,” said CMA President Cindy Forbes. “This is a safe environment for members to communicate with their colleagues and also share their ideas with the CMA.”

Feedback gathered as part of the CMA Member Dialogue will be used to develop relevant policies and advocacy strategies, identify issues to be dealt with by the CMA, and identify tools and resources to support physicians in these areas.

Currently, the CMA is seeking member input on three important issues: assisted dying, medical professionalism and immunization.

More than 50 comments have been posted to date on the CMA Member Dialogue expressing a wide range of views on each of these issues.

The intent is to post new dialogue themes and questions on an ongoing basis as well as to enhance the functionality of the dialogue to make it easier for members to participate productively. The forum is managed and moderated directly by the CMA.

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