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​​​CMA Member Proposals

The CMA has a vision for a vibrant profession and a healthy population. CMA members have valuable insights that can help us achieve this vision. Member proposals are a way to build on these insights and enable members to bring their ideas about health issues to the CMA.

How member proposals work

  • Policy proposals may be submitted on a year-round basis and are open to all members.
  • Submissions on policy matters should align with the goals and objectives of CMA 2020.
  • Proposals will be assessed by a physician review group based on relevancy, fit and focus, and may be referred to a committee, working group or the CMA Board. Feedback may also be sought through e-panels, communities of interest, or other mechanisms.
  • Proposals approved by the CMA Board as policy will be entered into CMA’s policy database and may be included in the CMA’s existing or future advocacy work.

Member proposals on corporate matters

  • For corporate matters, members may propose business and bylaw changes that relate to the functioning of the CMA.
  • These proposals must be submitted 90 days prior to the Annual General Meeting and will go through a review process prior to consideration.

For more information on member proposals and how to submit a proposal:

How members can help guide CMA policy