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CMA members speak out on taxation uncertainty

CMA members are speaking out on their concerns about potential changes by the federal government to the Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) framework, with a recent survey of members garnering 2,263 responses in just over two weeks.

The survey was conducted to determine the potential impact if the federal government moved forward with changes to this critical framework. Key findings of this survey include:

  • 22% of practicing physicians indicated they would consider relocating their practice to another country.
  • 54% of practicing physicians would consider reducing the number of hours worked.
  • 31% would consider closing their practice and moving to another practice setting (such as a hospital-based, salaried position).
  • 24% would consider retirement.

The vast majority (86%) of survey respondents currently in practice were incorporated.

For residents, currently in training and determining how they will establish their practice, if the federal government eliminates any or all benefits of incorporation:

  • 64% would avoid independent practice.
  • 39% would consider moving their practice to another country.

While the federal government has not clarified how it will proceed – or if it will proceed – the CMA has raised its concern with finance officials and encouraged the federal government to approach any changes to the CCPC framework with caution.

The CMA will continue to seek clarity and highlight how potential changes to the incorporation framework may affect physicians, their practices and access to health services for Canadians.

“We want to make sure that the federal government understands the unique nature of medical practice from the perspective of physicians as self-employed small-business owners,” said CMA President Cindy Forbes. “The results of this survey highlight the important role of incorporation to running a medical practice and therefore health resources.”

As part of its outreach on this issue, in collaboration with provincial/territorial medical associations, the CMA is encouraging members to raise the issue with their local Member of Parliament through the MD-MP Contact Program.

The survey of CMA members was conducted between Dec. 21 and Jan. 8.

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