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CMA welcomes Liberal focus on seniors needs

Ottawa, ON (Sept. 30, 2015) – Canada’s doctors were pleased to see the Liberal Party today put the health care needs of seniors at the forefront of the federal election campaign.

“As we enter the final stretch of this election, it is encouraging that three of the four main national parties now have responded to the challenge of addressing seniors care and have endorsed the Canadian Medical Association’s call for a national seniors strategy,” said Dr. Cindy Forbes, CMA President.

Mr. Trudeau’s pledge to create a federal government that responds to the challenges associated with an aging population and his call for federal leadership to prioritize and to invest in home care and long-term care are very welcome to the CMA. The CMA also appreciates the commitment to re-engage the federal government in negotiating a new Health Accord with the provinces and territories.

“Canada’s doctors are always ready to engage with all levels of government and other stakeholders in discussions toward a national seniors strategy and a new Health Accord,” added Dr. Forbes. “In fact, CMA has already been very active in the past years working closely with the Council of the Federation on numerous health and health care issues.”

The call by Mr. Trudeau to prioritize significant, new investment in affordable housing and seniors’ facilities — including long-term care facilities — as part of a new social infrastructure program will resonate well with physicians, patients and caregivers, Dr. Forbes said.

“The CMA’s long-standing recommendation to include seniors and long-term care facilities into the federal infrastructure program is one that is long overdue,” Dr. Forbes said.

Health care should be prominent as an issue in any federal election — a clear message delivered by the 25,000 supporters of, she said.

“Throughout this election campaign, Canada’s doctors have pressed to make a national seniors strategy a ballot issue,” said Dr. Forbes. “We now look forward to working with the next government and all political parties to provide seniors with the high-quality care they deserve.”

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