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My CPD Activities – FAQ​

How do I get my Mainpro+® certified credits transferred?

We can forward your credit information to the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) on your behalf. You will need to provide your CFPC membership number under your Account Settings. If you allow us to transfer your credits to the CFPC, please do not claim Mainpro+ credits earned from activities with the CFPC.

If you prefer to report information directly to the CFPC, please contact them at CFPC.

Why are there discrepancies between the CFPC total and our results?

The credits earned are transferred to the CFPC only on a quarterly basis.

How are the Mainpro+ credits calculated?

Please consult the CFPC Web site for details regarding their Mainpro+ program.

When are the Mainpro+ credits transferred to CFPC?

Once you have registered your membership number in your profile Account Settings, we will store the Mainpro+ certified credit information acquired from activities as part of your profile and transfer your credit total for the current year on a quarterly basis (as of the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October).

Who is responsible for awarding Mainpro+ certified credits?

The CFPC is responsible for awarding credits. Any disputes as to the total number of credits accumulated must be resolved directly with the CFPC.