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Connect with the power of possibilities. Connect with Joule.

Ottawa – A unique new company serving the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) more than 83,000 members, JouleTM sources world class clinical resources through curation and innovation helping CMA members improve quality of care and empowering them to be leaders in physician-led innovation.

“Whether it’s through our Physician Leadership Institute courses, mobile access to clinical resources or participation in our innovation program, our mission is to make it easier for physicians to be at their best,” said Ms. Lindee David, Joule’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very excited to augment our existing product offering with a number of enhancements including the Joule app, DynaMed Plus, ​and an exciting new focus on innovation.”

In fact, Joule has positioned itself at the heart of physician innovation providing CMA members with the platform, access to experts and the ability to go from ideation to bedside easily and quickly. It is for this reason that it chose to hold its inaugural Joule Innovation Forum the same day it launched its new name and brand.

Dr. Linda Maxwell, CMA member and physician innovator said, “Joule, CMA’s latest entrepreneurial venture, is set to be as innovative and progressive as the products and services it seeks to develop for the 83,000 members it serves.”

Named after a unit of energy, Joule has been designed for motion and momentum and keeping up with the pace of change in the medical community. “Because we believe that when we build ideas together great things happen, we engage with CMA members on innovation—whether it’s having them identify and test potential new products using innovation accelerator labs or having them participate in our Joule H2 TM — hackathons for health and Joule Innovation Forums.”

Joule looks forward to engaging CMA members in ways that are easy for them—whether they be digitally or in person. Today, CMA members can connect with Joule and download the Joule app.


JouleTM is a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) company. Created in 2014 to provide CMA members with cutting edge products and services and to be a catalyst in physician-led innovation, Joule makes it easier for physicians to be at their best. Joule’s aim is to be physicians’ first choice for resources and knowledge every day.