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NewCo panel praises range of products, services

Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) annual meeting were given an extensive overview of the products and services available through NewCo — the CMA’s newest subsidiary.

NewCo was established in 2014 to allow the CMA to focus on its advocacy and policy efforts and to create the appropriate structure to support the delivery of valuable and innovative products and services, including leadership and professional development products, clinical resources and publications such as CMAJ.

The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Jesse Kancir, immediate past-president of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and now a resident at the University of British Columbia.

“The profession needs to have a medical home for products and services just as it does for advocacy,” said Kancir as he kicked off the session.

Panellist Dr. Pierre Harvey, a Quebec member of the CMA Board of Directors and an infectious disease specialist, noted that the clinical tools offered through NewCo – such as ClinicalKey and DynaMed – complement each other. He added the use of these clinical tools is “a significant part of CME. It’s CME in real time.”

Harvey talked about his expectation that NewCo CEO Lindee David and her team would assess the best clinical tools available for physicians and make them available to CMA members.

Dr. Brendan Lewis, an orthopedic surgeon from Newfoundland, said he has taken a number of the PMI physician leadership courses and praised their value for both professional and personal life.

“We went to medical school and learned how to be doctors,” said Lewis, stating the leadership courses made available through NewCo provide physicians with knowledge to pursue other skills they need to be better managers and leaders.

Dr. Kimberly Williams, a medical resident in Alberta, discussed the value of clinical tools such as RxTx Mobile App, as well as documenting her initial experience with a PMI course. Williams also noted she wants to be “ahead of the curve” in communicating information to patients. She expressed a wish that NewCo take a leadership role in this area.

For her part, panelist Dr. Lisa Bonang, a practicing physician from Nova Scotia, talked about how valuable she found InfoPOEMS, another NewCo offering.

Panel members shared some actual case studies where they’ve used the clinical tools to provide care.

The audience was polled on the most important benefits of using NewCo clinical resources. The two benefits voted most important were having access to the latest clinical evidence and being available anywhere, anytime.

Asked what other products and services NewCo could offer, audience members suggested enhanced secure text messaging and “a one-stop shop” for online clinical tools.

NewCo will be offering an “innovation space” early in 2016 for physicians to propose ideas and innovations, Ms. David said.