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General Council Task Force

General Council Task Force to Support CMA 2020

The CMA Board created the General Council (GC) Task Force to:

  • Assess the role of General Council in supporting CMA’s strategic objectives, mission and vision.
    • CMA’s mission is empowering and caring for patients.
    • CMA’s vision is a vibrant profession and healthy population.
  • Mobilize and engage the profession across the country on issues of importance to the patients they serve.
  • Determine how best to tackle the most strategic issues, nurture the leadership role of the profession, and serve patients.

General Council Task Force Purpose

The purpose of the GC Task Force is to support CMA 2020 by creating an experience which enables participants to engage innovatively and inclusively in courageous and influential dialogue to advance health in Canada.

Each component of this purpose was carefully selected:

  • Innovative - Innovation and new ways of thinking (outside the lines) must be a priority
  • Inclusive - Co-producing solutions in collaboration with many others, engaging in multiple ways is crucial
  • Courageous - Brave and courageous conversations are needed in order to uncover and address the real issues
  • Influential - Need to make an impact
  • Dialogue - Need to move beyond “debate” to “dialogue”

Where we are today - From General Council to a Health Summit

The Board has approved a new consultation model that will see General Council succeeded by a Health Summit in keeping with CMA 2020, CMA’s new mission, vision and strategic objectives. The Health Summit will promote thought leadership, be a catalyst for change, promote inclusive conversations and generate outcomes that significantly advance issues or causes that matter to physicians and patients.

The Health Summit will enable:

  • Thought leadership and act as a catalyst for change
  • Physicians, health care professionals, patients and public empowerment through inclusive conversations
  • Transformative experiences for participants and the organizations they represent
  • Actionable ideas and outcomes which significantly advance an issue or a cause
  • CMA expertise to be showcased and extensively leveraged
  • Ideas to be tested and measured by participants in real time
  • Collaboration on issues/causes to create one strong advocacy voice

The Summit represents only one component of a multi-pronged engagement continuum. In addition to the Summit, the CMA will be innovating on the best engagement formats to receive input for advocacy.

In introducing a new Summit model, proposed governance changes are also key components of a multi-pronged engagement continuum. As part of this process, a re-imagined Annual General Meeting will also be introduced in 2018/2019 which will enable greater member input both virtually and in-person.


The Task Force will continue to obtain feedback as part of a transition that will see the Health Summit launched in August 2018, alongside CMA’s annual general meeting and general council. Starting in 2019, the Health Summit will be held separately from the CMA annual general meeting. Opportunities for consultation will continue this fall/winter. You are also invited to email with your questions and comments.

General Council Task Force Members

General Council Task Force Discussion Paper

Frequently Asked Questions – CMA Summit

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