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CMA Québec City 2017, Aug. 20-23, 2017 - Registration

Under the CMA Bylaws, General Council (GC) is open to delegates and observers. Observers must be CMA members or invited guests. Non-members who wish to observe GC must obtain the prior approval of CMA, such approval to be granted at the CMA's sole discretion. While the number of observers is limited, the meeting is also available by web.

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Participation at General Council

From the three categories provided, please select your participation type. If you are uncertain or have questions, contact the CMA Registration Officer at

Registration Fees

GC registration fee includes: proceedings, continental breakfasts, nutrition breaks and luncheons during the event.

Important: Registration fee does not include the social program. You will have an opportunity to register for social activities within this registration process.

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Those eligible will be provided with access to an electronic copy of the 2017 Report to Members and other GC-related documents.

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