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Injury prevention

High-profile concussions in professional sports have increased awareness and concern about sports injuries and the health consequence for the public.

A concussion is a brain injury. Any blow to the head, face, neck or body that causes a sudden shaking or jarring of the brain inside the skull may cause a concussion.

The CMA has taken positions that call for:

  • mandatory use of facial protection and helmets in hockey
  • use of helmets by cyclists, equestrians, downhill skiers and snowboarders

Head injuries and sports

The CMA encourages parents, coaches and trainers to learn the signs, symptoms and long-term health consequences of concussions. Athletes with suspected concussion should be removed from play immediately and evaluated by a physician experienced in concussion management.

The most important treatment is rest — physical and cognitive. No one should return to play or vigorous activity while signs or symptoms of a concussion are present.