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As a unique service for CMA members and their families, the CMA regularly publishes notices of deceased members.

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June, 2017

Andrew, Rodney F., Vancouver; University of London (England), 1962; family medicine. Died March 28, 2017, aged 78. Survived by his wife Cecilia, 5 children and his many grandchildren. "He immigrated to Red Lake, Ont., in 1966. Later he moved to Vancouver, where he contributed greatly to the medical community, particularly in his work with the family medicine residency and international medical graduate programs."

Ballyk, Donald D., Toronto; St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons (US), 1952. Died Feb. 24, 2017, aged 88. Survived by 8 children, 23 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. A hospital orderly recalled: "He was always a gentleman, making conversation with anyone, high or low on the totem pole."

Barnard, Basil G. (Barny), Delta, BC; University of Calcutta (India), 1948; former chief of staff, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria. Died March 27, 2017, aged 92. Survived by a daughter and a grandson.

Baxter, James, Burlington, Ont.; McGill University, 1947; otolaryngology; former chief of otolaryngology, Royal Victoria and Montreal General hospitals; former chair, otolaryngology, and professor emeritus, McGill. Died March 13, 2017, aged 93. Survived by his wife Dorothy, 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. "His research took him to Baffin Island, where he developed treatment programs for ear disease and hearing loss in the Inuit population under the auspices of the McGill Baffin Program."

Beattie, Lillian, Ancaster, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1954; general pathology. Died March 5, 2017, aged 87. "Lillian had a remarkable and full life of service to her fellow man, including medical missionary service in the Congo in the early '60s and her work as a pathologist, from which she retired in 1994."

Bensen, William G., Ancaster, Ont.; McMaster University, 1973; rheumatology; clinical professor, McMaster University. Died March 15, 2017, aged 67. Survived by his wife Wynn, 3 children and 3 grandchildren. "For Bill, there never was an untreatable patient. He practised in Hamilton for nearly 40 years and dedicated his life's work to advancing the medical care available in rheumatology by taking on cutting-edge research programs in an effort to improve treatment."

Bernstein, Abraham, Toronto; University of Toronto, 1951; obstetrics and gynecology. Died March 11, 2017, aged 91. Survived by his wife Esther, 4 children and 6 grandchildren. "Abe had a passion and zest for life, which he shared with anyone he encountered, most notably the thousands of patients he helped over the years and his legion of golf partners."

Biggs, John G., Waterloo, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1967; family medicine. Died Aug. 24, 2016, aged 76. Survived by his wife Amelia, 3 children and 8 grandchildren. "John was a family physician until 2007, and he practised the very best medicine with 'a listening ear and a compassionate heart.' Biggsy will be missed by many."

Bond, Alan N., North Vancouver; University of Newcastle upon Tyne (England), 1948. Died Feb. 21, 2017, aged 91.

Borg, Francis X., Severn, Ont.; University of Malta, 1949; anesthesiology. Died March 1, 2017, aged 91. "He is deeply mourned by family and friends in Canada and Malta."

Burt-Gerrans, Norman E., Woodstock, Ont.; army, WW II; University of Western Ontario, 1957. Died Feb. 28, 2017, aged 92. Survived by 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. In 2010, he told the website Impowerage why he still practised as a surgical assistant at age 86: "[Medicine] keeps you young. I love having a reason to get up every morning with a purpose. I know of no other profession I would ever want to be part because there is so much satisfaction to medicine, whether it's greeting a new baby you just delivered (the last was in 1990) or talking with that patient who is on the mend."

Cameron, Ross G., London, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1972; anatomical pathology. Died Nov. 27, 2016, aged 67. Survived by a son. A student wrote: "Dr. Cameron was my M.Sc. supervisor. Thank you for being a mentor and introducing me to science as a career."

Chambers, Roger A., Burlington, Ont.; University of London (England), 1964; internal medicine, gastroenterology. Died March 31, 2017, aged 75. Survived by his wife, Dr. Lucille Carling Chambers, 2 children and 3 granddaughters. "He enjoyed clinical medicine the most, emphasizing treating the patient who had the disease rather than just the disease."

Dixon, Edward R. (Rob), Salt Spring Island, BC; University of London (England), 1960. Died Sept. 27, 2016, aged 80. Survived by his wife Rowena and his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Du, Joseph N., Winnipeg; Taiwan National University, 1961; pediatrics; assistant professor, University of Manitoba; Order of Canada. Died March 19, 2017, aged 83. Survived by his wife Jeannine, 4 children and 9 grandchildren. "Early in his career he became involved in an effort to provide better care to Aboriginal communities in Northern Manitoba. For 33 years, he flew at least once a month to Norway House, Cross Lake and other First Nations, in small airplanes and often under difficult conditions. Two generations within these communities grew up under his care, and the children he looked after in the early years later brought their own children to see him."

Ducasse, Gérard E., Saskatoon; University College of Cork (Ireland), 1962; pediatrics. Died March 17, 2017, aged 81. Survived by 3 children and 4 grandchildren. "He won the Commonwealth Scholarship for Mauritius, which allowed him to study medicine in Ireland. After completing his fellowship in pediatrics the family settled in North Battleford, Sask., before moving to Saskatoon. A talented and devoted pediatrician, Gérard took care of many children across the province."

Fuller, Donald R., London, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1958; internal medicine. Died April 6, 2017, aged 89. Survived by his children and grandchildren. "He served as a family physician in Tavistock, Ont., for nearly 20 years, and later as an internal medicine specialist in Stratford, Ont. Following his retirement at age 72, Don continued to show a passion for life-long learning, whether by studying alongside his grandchildren, teaching himself Braille, or reading an English translation of the Quran."

Fyffe, Gordon J., New Westminster, BC; University of Toronto, 1953; anesthesiology. Died March 10, 2017, aged 90. Survived by 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. "Dad worked at Surrey Memorial and, finally, St. Mary's Hospital, where he was a fixture on the sixth floor for 30-plus years. Early on, Dad made the momentous decision to join the Vancouver Golf Club. Mom was pregnant and appalled. However, the club became his second home, and Mom eventually joined too."

Gillespie, Cornelius T. (Terry), Sackville, NB; Dalhousie University, 1957; pediatrics; RCAF; Order of Canada. Died March 23, 2017, aged 89. Survived by his wife Rose, 4 children and 5 grandchildren. "Terry dedicated his professional life to the treatment of cystic fibrosis in the Maritimes, serving as director of the IWK CF Clinic from 1966 until his retirement in 1992." Two parents wrote: "He treated our family like his own, and dedicated his life in medicine to looking after 'his kids.' "

Hanson, Robert E., Mont-Royal, Que.; McGill University, 1965; diagnostic radiology. Died Dec. 22, 2016, aged 80. Survived by his wife, Ute Christine Hanson, 5 children and 5 grandchildren. "He devoted his career to the practice of thoracic radiology at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the McGill University Health Centre." A former student recalled: "A lovely, kind, and patient man. When I was a resident he was always willing to stop and help me solve a problem for one of my patients."

Hunter, Douglas R., Kamloops, BC; McGill University, 1947; psychiatry. Died Feb. 24, 2017, aged 97. Survived by 9 children, 16 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. "Doug was the first psychiatrist in BC's Interior. His practice included working with both adults and children, and he believed strongly in treating patients where they could be close to their families. He established 1-South, the psychiatric unit at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, and he continued to practise there until retiring in 1987."

Hogarth, Robert W., Thunder Bay, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1954; urology. Died April 10, 2017, aged 87. Survived by his wife Barbara, 4 children, 9 grandsons and a great-grandson. "He completed his residency at the Montreal General, and was a member of both the Canadian Urological Association and American Urological Association. He practised until he retired in 1996."

Holmes, Ian, Baddeck, NS; University of Edinburgh (Scotland), 1961; orthopedic surgery. Died April 3, 2017, aged 80. Survived by 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Irvine, Harland S. (Hal), Sundre, Alta.; University of Calgary, 1977; family medicine. Died Feb. 16, 2017, aged 64. "He served the Sundre area as a rural physician for 32 years." A colleague wrote: "I worked with him for a month 20 years ago, as a medical student. He made a long-lasting impression: he made his patients feel that they were heard, he was an outstanding teacher and he made you feel at ease."

Irwin, Karl M. (Max), Long Sault, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1955; obstetrics and gynecology. Died April 4, 2017, aged 86. Survived by his wife, Dr. Patricia Irwin, 4 children and 10 grandchildren. "He and Pat graduated together in the medical class of 1955 and then moved to Cornwall, Ont., to set up their practices." A friend wrote: "As well as being a well-respected physician, Dr. Max was a colourful and treasured part of this community."

Johnson, Thomas A., Medicine Hat, Alta.; University of Saskatchewan, 1980; anesthesiology. Died March 8, 2017, aged 63. Survived by 4 children, the mother of his children, Judy Johnson, and 7 grandchildren. "He started his practice in Williams Lake, BC, and in 1993 returned to school and went on to become an accomplished anesthesiologist who practised in Fort McMurray, Alta., Saskatoon and Medicine Hat, Alta. He also participated in many humanitarian-aid adventures in places like Ecuador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Honduras."

Johnston, Robert J., Sherwood Park, Alta.; University of Alberta, 1946; general surgery. Died Jan. 7, 2017, aged 96. Survived by his wife Jeanne, 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. "At the University of Alberta, he was 1 of the first 2 residents to specialize in surgery." A colleague wrote: "He was a role model for all of us aspiring surgeons."

Kaminker, Arthur, North York, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1954; internal medicine. Died April 7, 2017, aged 87. Survived by his wife Doreen, 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Kennedy, Douglas W., Houston, Texas; University of Toronto, 1956; pediatrics. Died March 24, 2017, aged 84. Survived by his wife Eila, 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. "Doug's legacy will be his life of service as a devoted physician and caring family man."

Kerenyi, Norbert A., North York, Ont.; Semmelweis University (Hungary), 1952; general pathology. Died March 23, 2017, aged 89. Survived by his wife Eva, 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. "He was a Holocaust survivor who fought for the freedom of others in the Hungarian Resistance. In 1952 he graduated Number 1 in his class in Budapest." A co-worker wrote: "I always enjoyed his wry sense of humour. I remember his presentation of path slides, which he started with, 'Let's throw a little darkness on this presentation.' "

Klassen, William, Regina; University of Toronto, 1954; family medicine; associate professor, University of Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Physician of the Year, 1989. Died March 23, 2017, aged 93. Survived by his wife Margaret, 5 children and 6 grandchildren. "Bill had a 43-year medical career at the Medical Arts Clinic in Regina. In 1980, he completed a specialty in geriatrics and joined the Family Medicine Unit at the Regina Plains Health Centre, where he trained medical residents. He semi-retired in 1997 but stayed active, most notably by teaching RCMP Training Depot cadets in Regina about the neglect and mistreatment of elderly people."

Kluger, Warren S., Saint Augustine, Florida; McGill University, 1972; general surgery; chief of surgery, Flagler Hospital. Died Jan. 23, 2017, aged 72. Survived by his wife Lynn, 5 children and a granddaughter.

Koziol, Jan K., Toronto; University of Edinburgh (Scotland), 1946. Died March 4, 2017, aged 99.

Lavens, Michael T. (Tim), Calgary; University of Alberta, 1971; family medicine. Died Jan. 5, 2017, aged 71. Survived by his wife Nancy, 5 children and 10 grandchildren. "He practised emergency medicine in Calgary and family medicine in Beiseker, Alta., for 45 years, and was also a licensed stock broker."

Lee, Michael S., Toronto; University of Hong Kong; 1968; psychiatry. Died March 27, 2017, aged 74. Survived by his wife, Mary Pat Whelan Moore, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. "As a psychiatrist and associate professor at the University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia, Michael's mind and heart were fully engaged. Michael saw himself as a foot soldier in the ranks of psychiatrists, but his patients saw him as a wise man."

Le Riche, Le Roi H. (Roy), Edmonton; University of Liverpool, 1953; former registrar, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta; former member, Alberta Medical Association Board of Directors; former delegate, CMA General Council. Died March 20, 2017, aged 93. Survived by his wife Joyce, 3 children, 5 stepchildren and his grandchildren and step-grandchildren. "Roy was born in South Africa and was a prominent anti-apartheid activist as chair of the National Union of South African Students. After coming to Canada he practised in Drumheller, Alta., and Edmonton before taking a post at the college in 1972, where he served as registrar from 1974 to 1989."

Libman, Israel, Mont-Royal, Que.; McGill University, 1956; internal medicine, neurology; former chief of neurology, Jewish General Hospital, Montréal. Died Feb. 19, 2017, aged 85. Survived by his wife Eva, 3 children and 8 grandchildren. The McGill medical school bulletin reported: "Dr. Libman's teaching rounds were remarkable. . . . A Royal College examiner said he could always recognize residents who had trained under Dr. Libman by their particular style and approach to patient evaluations."

Madill, N. Stewart (Stew), West Vancouver; University of British Columbia, 1959; founding president, Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine; former vice-president medicine, Burnaby Hospital and Royal Columbian Hospital. Died Feb. 9, 2017, aged 82. Survived by his wife Jenny, 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 2 stepchildren and 2 step-grandchildren. "Stew was a family practitioner on the North Shore for 30 years. In 1991 he left his practice to become vice-president, medicine, at Lions Gate Hospital and, during his last year there, the chief operating officer. He ended his career as chief administrator of Eagle Ridge Hospital, retiring at age 72."

McCarthy, Gregory, London, Ont.; University of Cape Town (South Africa), 1993; psychiatry. Died Nov. 16, 2016, aged 57.

McIninch, Joseph B. (Brian), Salt Spring Island, BC; University of Ottawa, 1971. Died of cancer-related causes April 7, 2017, aged 72. Survived by his wife Fran, 1 child and 2 grandchildren.

McLarty, Thomas D., London, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1952; general surgery. Died Feb. 19, 2017, aged 91. Survived by 3 children and 8 grandchildren. "Dr. McLarty was a gifted surgeon with magic hands, and an early adopter of new technology. A life-long learner and teacher, he pioneered laparoscopic surgery in Canada, and then taught it around the world."

McKenzie, Lynne M., Coronation, Alta.; University of Calgary, 1978; family medicine. Died March 14, 2017, aged 67.

McMahon, Michael V., St. John's; University College of Cork (Ireland), 1965. Died March 17, 2017, aged 82.

Mohindra, Baldev K., Peterborough, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1966; internal medicine, hematology. Died April 11, 2017, aged 76. Survived by his wife Asha, 1 son and 2 grandchildren. "He was born in Kenya and came to Canada to study medicine. After interning in Toronto he began his internal medicine practice in Peterborough and oversaw the Chemotherapy Clinic at St. Joseph's Hospital until its move to Civic Hospital."

Mulloy, William H. (Dr. Bill), Calgary; McGill University, 1952; family medicine. Died March 20, 2017, aged 90. Survived by his wife Anne, 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. "Bill was a devoted and well respected family doctor, and there are many in our city who will remember his gentle and attentive care."

Murphy, Sean B., Montréal; McGill University, 1947; ophthalmology; RCAF, 1952-55; former ophthalmologist-in-chief and professor and chair of ophthalmology, McGill University; emeritus professor of ophthalmology, McGill; past president, Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS). Died March 16, 2017, aged 93. Survived by 3 children, 4 grandchildren and a great-grandson. "His efforts in the fields of art and ophthalmology earned him membership in the Order of Canada in 1976, and he also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the COS."

Olson, Stanley A., Edmonton; University of Alberta, 1967; anesthesiology. Died March 29, 2017, aged 73. Survived by his wife Gloria, 3 children and 6 grandchildren. "Stan was a pioneer and advocate for anesthesia in Alberta for almost 50 years." A former patient wrote: "I can still hear his deep, reassuring voice: 'Now, start counting back from 100.' I knew I would be OK thanks to his skilled, compassionate care."

Piercy, George, Comox, BC; McGill University, 1949. Died April 4, 2017, aged 92. Survived by 2 children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. "He practised in New Westminster, BC, for 25 years, then decided to retire in the place he loved most, Comox. After gardening and fishing for a year he just had to get back into the work he enjoyed so much, and spent the next 15 years with the Comox Medical Clinic. He also served as mayor of Comox for 14 years."

Pun, Ronald S., Toronto; Dalhousie University, 1961; diagnostic radiology. Died Feb. 17, 2017, aged 87.

Rechnitzer, Peter A., London, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1948; internal medicine, cardiology. Died April 15, 2017, aged 91. Survived by his wife Lili, 2 children, 3 stepsons and 5 grandchildren. "He initiated the concept of cardiac rehabilitation in 1964. He was also co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging in 1980, and served as its first director."

Scandar, Jeannette E., Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Que.; Alexandria University (Egypt), 1981; family medicine. Died March 1, 2017, aged 59. Survived by her husband and 2 children.

Selmeci, Tibor G., Windsor, Ont.; Semmelweis University (Hungary), 1952. Died March 26, 2017, aged 89. Survived by his wife Magda, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. "Tibor was a pathologist and a survivor of the Holocaust who came to Canada during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956."

Soloway, Irving (Smitty), Nepean, Ont.; Queen's University, 1951; obstetrics and gynecology. Died Feb. 27, 2017, aged 89. Survived by his life partner, Archie Stewart. "Dr. Soloway practised out of the Civic Hospital in Ottawa for over 40 years." A colleague wrote: "Irving was a pioneer who supported women's reproductive rights."

Sollars, Robert (Bob), Sidney, BC; University of London (England), 1948; obstetrics and gynecology. Died March 5, 2017, aged 91. Survived by 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. "Bob, who practised in Regina for many years, was a life-long admirer of Winston Churchill. He would be pleased to be sent off with this quotation from Mr. Churchill: 'I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.' "

Sourkes, Shena R., Westmount, Que.; University of Toronto, 1943; anesthesia. Died Dec. 29, 2016, aged 96. Survived by 2 children and 3 grandchildren. "Shena was born in Bessarabia and came to Canada in 1934 at age 14. After medical school she trained in anesthesia and practised in Montréal until age 71."

Strathman, Irvin, Tampa, Florida; University of Toronto, 1946; obstetrics and gynecology. Died March 25, 2017, aged 93. Survived by 4 children and 2 grandchildren. "After almost 7 years of post-graduate training, he started to practise in Windsor, Ont., and over the next 25 years he delivered over 7000 babies. He also introduced laparoscopy in Windsor in 1972, and served as president of the Essex County Medical Society. He ended his career at the University of South Florida, where he retired at age 79."

Storm, Hendrik W., Medicine Hat, Alta.; South Africa, 1979. Died Feb. 28, 2017, aged 62.

Upmalis, I. Henry, London, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1955; general surgery. Died March 10, 2017, aged 91. Survived by his wife Ausma, 1 son and 4 grandchildren. "After graduating from medical school he went on to practise general surgery in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., for over 30 years."

Varty, Earle J., Etobicoke, Ont.; University of Toronto, 1947. Died Feb. 13, 2017, aged 95. Survived by his wife Joan, 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. "He practised for decades in West Toronto and was the 'favourite doctor' to many in the Bloor West Village community and beyond."

Walsh, William J., Hamilton; University of Western Ontario, 1948; internal medicine; former wing commander and auxiliary medical officer, RCAF. Died Jan. 7, 2017, aged 92. Survived by 3 children, 5 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. "Bill was 1 of the 5 'founding fathers' of McMaster University's medical school, and also served as president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario." McMaster University reported: "Walsh was the second faculty member hired for the new medical school when he was appointed assistant dean by the founding dean, Dr. John Evans, in 1965. Along with 3 of Evans' colleagues from the University of Toronto — Drs. Fraser Mustard, William Spaulding and James Anderson — the 5 envisioned a then-radical approach to training physicians."