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Management dynamics: getting the job done

In-house PMI physician leadership course

*This course is available to CMA members only.

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Although you’re uncertain how it happened you suddenly find yourself in a leadership position, which fills you with panic. Not only are “issues” beginning to avalanche, they’re in a language you don’t understand — KPIs, HSMR, CIHI, SBAR. As meetings consume your day, you realize that years of medical school training have not prepared you for this.

This course will equip you with the tools you need to manage meetings to achieve results, investigate complaints fairly and compassionately, develop a business proposal, navigate budget processes successfully and measure performance to improve quality.

Return on investment

  • Discuss the physician leader’s roles, capabilities and attitude for leading and managing in the current health care environment ― at clinic, department, hospital, regional level and beyond
  • Describe how to promote desired behaviours
  • Create a business case and its advocacy strategy
  • Apply specific budget management frameworks and tools to financial issues
  • Determine effective ways to investigate a complaint regarding clinical care
  • Identify strategies for monitoring performance
  • Discuss effective use of various communication frameworks, techniques and strategies including understanding the process for running effective meetings

Faculty team

Jim Cross, MD

Ian McKillop, PhD FRSPH

Program Investment

To see how your organization can benefit from the in-house PMI physician leadership program, call 800-663-7336 x2932 or email

Course registration

*This course is available to CMA members only.