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​Managing your practice

As a physician, you have devoted years to enhancing your medical skills. However, you may not have received much training in the business side of running a medical practice. The following resources offer guidance on how to make your practice more effective.

Practice management modules

Optimize your medical practice with our series of practice management modules

Physician Incorporation Consent Form

Request consent to use CMA and /or MD trademarks in the names of medical professional corporations.

Practice management challenges

Consult our frequently asked questions about challenges such as paying overhead, generating revenue, optimal physician-to-employee ratios and more.

The CMA provides physicians with free access to job postings searchable by location, type or specialty.

Third-party forms

The CMA knows how complex and time-consuming it can be to process the myriad forms from schools, governments, insurers and employers. Voicing physicians' concerns and representing physician’s interests in this area has been part of the CMA's mandate for more than two decades. We work closely with insurers and governments to streamline the burden forms put on physicians.
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Accessing legal resources

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