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November 29 - The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) pushes to make climate change a health priority

November 16 - The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) urges the Ontario government not to reinstate sick notes for short-term illnesses

October 25 - The Canadian Medical Association announces the make-up of its first-ever patient advisory group

October 10 - One in four Canadian physicians report burnout

October 6 - Canadian Medical Association (CMA) resigns from the World Medical Association (WMA)

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August 13 - Shaping the Future of Health and Medicine

July 17 - Conference Board of Canada: Meeting the Care Needs of Canada’s Aging Population.

August 21 - Medical Innovation Report

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September 20 - Dr. Gigi Osler - Opening Remarks - House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

August 22 - Dr. Laurent Marcoux - Valedictory address

August 22 - Dr. Gigi Osler - Inaugural address

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