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Driving physician-led innovation in health care

Physicians are in a unique position to drive real change in health care. That’s why Joule™, the newest CMA company, focuses on advancing physician-led innovations that lead to improved health outcomes. Joule supports physician-led innovation through grant funding, access to mentorship, knowledge-sharing opportunities and resources.

Joule Innovation podcasts

A podcast series featuring thought-provoking conversations between physician innovators and others was recently launched, and is designed to both inspire leadership in innovation and demonstrate the dedication of physicians to improving patient care.

Joule Innovation grants

In 2016, Joule awarded a $50,000 grant to Dr. Doug Kavanagh who used the funds to expand the development of the Ocean Tablet, a product that breaks down language barriers between physicians and patients resulting in significant time savings and improved screening for mental health and pain.

That same year, one of four $25,000 grants were awarded to each Dr. Julielynn Wong, Dr. Dale Podolsky, Dr. Kamran Khan and Dr. Jacob Jaremko

To learn more about these exciting ventures and the physicians behind them, watch our videos.

Joule has opened a second round of grants totaling $150,000 ― four $25,000 grants one $50,000—– to be allocated in three categories to eligible CMA members. The 2017 grant application process is now closed. Thank you to all applicants for their submissions.