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New publication focuses on diabetes

Diabetes – a disease with growing impact on Canadian society, and an increased focus of medical research and treatment – is the subject of a special digital supplement recently released by CMAJ.

Focus on Diabetes contains a number of recently published articles from CMAJ with accompanying commentaries.

In her opening editorial, CMAJ deputy editor Dr. Kirsten Patrick struck a positive note by stating “a healthy diet and regular exercise can, in some cases, turn a patient with diabetes into one without.”

Referencing one article in the edition, she also said physicians should “not assume that diabetes is always a progressive and irreversible condition that will require lifelong treatment once the fasting glucose threshold has been breached.”

Highlights of the supplement include:

  • a research article on glucose-responsive insulin and glucagon delivery
  • a review on the risks and benefits of intensive blood pressure lowering
  • a guideline on recommendations on screening for type 2 diabetes

“We are very pleased with the positive response to this publication and will be considering future editions on other medical conditions,” said CMAJ Editor-in-Chief Dr. John Fletcher.

“This digital edition is the type of innovative approach to providing useful information for Canadian physicians that is the hallmark of CMAJ today.”

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