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The Role of the CMA in Physician Health and Wellness

“There is evidence now about the urgency of supporting physician wellness. If doctors are healthier and more joyful in their work, then it also means better care for patients.”

 — Dr. Joy Albuquerque, expert working group on the CMA National Physician Health Survey

Physician health and wellness is a growing concern within the medical profession, and a key priority for the CMA.

The CMA National Physician Health Survey (NPHS) provides the most up-to-date national data on Canadian physician health and can help provide a deeper understanding of the factors impacting physician health and wellness.

The data was collected in 2017 through an online survey of nearly 3,000 CMA members (residents and physicians). Read the report on the first data set here.

We encourage organizations, researchers, educators and stakeholders to use this data to inform and advance physician health initiatives.

The CMA’s policy on physician health

Physician health is an issue that is bigger than one doctor. It is a shared responsibility — of the individual physician, and the systems in which they train and work.

The CMA’s physician health policy reflects this, with an emphasis on system-level initiatives.

Read our Statement on Physician Health and Wellness.

Read our physician health policy.

More background on key issues in physician health and wellness.

Infographic-Overall Mental Health Infographic-Gender Infographic-Prevalence

CMA Wellness Ambassador Initiative

The CMA Wellness Ambassador initiative brings together medical students from across Canada with an interest in advancing student health and wellness. Building on the CMA Ambassador Program, Wellness Ambassadors will attend the International Conference on Physician Health in Toronto (October 2018) as well as take-part in a facilitated pre-conference session. This initiative aims to build a community of emerging wellness leaders to help advocate for a healthy, vibrant and supportive profession. The CMA Wellness Ambassador initiative is supported by the CMA Foundation, in partnership with the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada. Canadian Federation of Medical Students, Fédération Médicale Étudiante du Québec, and Resident Doctors of Canada are also participating.

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