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Physicians as patients

Health Practices podcast series

Coping with a serious medical illness

Guest: Dr. Meredith Marks

Dr. Meredith Marks is a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and a Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. She is an internationally recognized innovator in clinical education, and the founder of the Academy for Innovation in Medical Education (AIME). She shares with Dr. Mamta Gautam her experiences and learnings, strength and courage in dealing with a serious diagnosis and living with a major illness.

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The dignity of recovery: supporting physicians with addictions

Guest: Dr. Graeme Cunningham

Dr. Graeme Cunningham, Full Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, McMaster University, and Director of the Addictions Division, Homewood Health Centre, Guelph, Ontario, shares with Dr. Mamta Gautam his experiences living with and overcoming alcohol addiction. He describes how alcohol was a tool that helped him overcome the impostor syndrome he felt as a young physician. When the pain of the illness surmounted the usefulness of the tool, Dr. Cunningham began his journey towards the dignity of recovery and remodelling ingrained attitudes towards physicians’ illness at provincial and national levels in Canada.

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