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Conflict management and negotiation

Learn strategies to manage conflict within organizations, including using facilitation and resolution processes. In this course you will learn how to avoid the difficulties that conflict can create for relationships, and how the effective management of conflict can enhance creativity and innovation.

Return on investment

  • Differentiate between types of conflict and conflict management styles.
  • Discuss strategies for recognizing and managing conflict situations.
  • Practise a model of creative collaboration to address conflict with individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Describe the structures, processes, principles and currencies of effective negotiation.
  • Develop strategies for managing constituencies and building coalitions.
  • Practise specific negotiation strategies for real situations.
  • Analyze the dynamics and politics of effective negotiation.


3 days

Maximum class size

40 participants

Faculty team

Scott Comber, BEDS, MBA, MA, PhD
Anne Grant, LLB, LLM (ADR), CMed
Janice Gross Stein, PhD, FRSC, LLD, MOC, O.Ont
Kevin Tasa, BCOMM, MSC., PHD.

Dates, prices and to register

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