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​Dollars and sense: leadership in the delivery of cost-effective health care

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How much is enough health care? Just how many tests should be ordered? Is the care cost-effective? In this course, you will learn how to resolve these and other fundamental economic dilemmas in health care. Participants discover how to interpret financial statements, identify high-performing hospitals and determine the real costs of choosing among alternatives, such as “fix versus replace.” Looking at how costs behave (or don’t behave), you’ll be able to calculate a contribution margin, understand the concept of break even and determine the optimal action when resource demand exceeds availability — a reality in today’s environment. Real-life examples in health care will challenge you to make appropriate decisions based on sound economic and accounting principles.

Return on investment

  • Explain how the fundamental principles of economics shape the health care system.
  • Analyze and interpret financial statements for a health care organization.
  • Apply economic evaluation and accounting principles when making decisions.
  • Discuss the interaction of ethics, autonomy and allocation in health care.
  • Practise financial decision-making that maximizes quality of care in times of scarcity and competing alternatives.

The course involves hands-on work with financial spreadsheets: participants should bring a laptop with Excel installed.


2.5 days

Maximum class size

25 participants

Faculty team

Jeffrey Hoch, PhD
Ian McKillop, PhD, FRSPH

Dates, prices and to register

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