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Leading change

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The pressures for change in health care are relentless. Many of these changes are best led — or must be led — by physician leaders. This course recognizes that leading change is both an art and a science to be developed and better understood. You will learn to develop strategies to motivate, implement and sustain change. There will be opportunities to introduce and discuss real issues facing your health care organization and time to practise techniques in team exercises. You will learn how to operationalize change management theories and overcome opposition to change — both internal and external. Topics include creating a resilient work environment, anticipating and learning from failure, and dealing with the impact of change on yourself and others. A central theme is how to align people and organizations to build a shared vision and commitment to act.

Return on investment

  • Develop and apply a systematic approach to analyzing and addressing change challenges and opportunities.
  • Identify organizational design impediments and enablers to change and to influence organizational culture.
  • Apply tactics to minimize resistance and influence stakeholders.
  • Identify networks of relationships and discuss how to build and maintain partnerships when leading change.
  • Anticipate, accept, and learn from failure as part of leading change.
  • Reflect on your leadership style and develop the ability for resilience in leading change.


2 days

Maximum class size

40 participants

Faculty team

Brian Golden, PhD
Susan J. Lieff, MD, MEd, MMan, FRCPC
Scott Comber, BEDS, MBA, MA, PhD
Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CPDC, CCPE
Joshua Tepper, MD, FCFP, MPH, MBA

Dates, prices and to register

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