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Systems transformation: navigating complexity through dialogue

This course is available in-house only

Today’s health care organizations are simultaneously changing and being changed by the system within which they function. The leader’s role is to recognize that meaningful change occurs through dialogue. In this course, you will learn various models of systems thinking, uncover assumptions limiting your effectiveness and practise dialogue skills. These skills will allow you to bridge diverse perspectives, increase your ability to collaborate and find innovative routes to address complex situations.

Return on investment

  • Understand complexity as it relates to health care leadership, collaboration, and systemic change.
  • Practise systems thinking and inquiry skills to bridge diverse perspectives and strengthen relationships and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Use the skills of dialogue to navigate ambiguous and rapidly changing environments, and understand complex situations in order to make better decisions.
  • Explore your own real life complex change with peers, leaving the program with fresh ideas and practical next steps for moving your change forward.

This course requires some pre-work and has an action learning component. Participants are asked to develop and bring a past or current “action learning case” that they can explore with peers.


2 days

Maximum class size

40 participants

Faculty team

Scott Comber, BEDS, MBA, MA, PhD
John Van Aerde, MD, MA, PhD, FRCPC

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