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Talent management for exceptional leadership

(formerly Talent management: a strength-based approach to developing physician leaders)

This course is available in-house only

What is talent management and why is it important in health care organizations? Talent management ensures that the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place in their organization, and are engaged and focused on achieving the organization’s goals.

A systematic approach includes assessing organizational readiness for such a program and establishing the necessary elements for success of the development of current and future medical leaders. This course provides concrete strategies to help physicians create an organizational culture that focuses on developing leaders, thereby helping to attract, engage and retain the best leadership talent.

Return on investment

  • Explore the unique opportunities and challenges in developing physician leaders.
  • Discuss unique needs and success factors required of physician leaders in your organization.
  • Explain a strengths-based approach to developing talent.
  • Explore your organization’s readiness and capacity for a talent management program.
  • Discuss the essential components of a talent management system for your organization.
  • Explore opportunities and challenges to implementing a talent management plan for your organization/department/program.
  • Identify practical strategies for implementing aspects of a talent management system.


2 days

Maximum class size

25 participants

Faculty team

Gillian Kernaghan, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Paul Mohapel, PhD

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