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​Practice Management Curriculum (PMC) ― program overview

The Practice Management Curriculum (PMC) is a series of informal, interactive seminars for family medicine and specialty residents. These seminars, designed to help residents ask the right questions when evaluating opportunities, complement medical training and encourage sharing of experiences and lifelong learning about managing a medical practice.

Learn how the University of Manitoba has made PMC courses mandatory for their residents and how you can too.

Partners in education

MD Financial Management​ has been working since 1996 with physicians and experts in the field to develop a generic practice management curriculum for Canadian teaching programs. As education partners, we encourage faculty to assume full editorial control of the curriculum for their respective programs.

Curriculum objectives

The PMC interactive seminars and case studies introduce the definitions and principles of practice management and financial planning, and present valuable resources available for related continuing education.

Implementing PMC seminars, education

For information about customizing PMC, contact your postgraduate medical education office.

Typical course educational core teaching time allocated is:

  • Family medicine ― 2 days
  • Specialty program ― 1 day

To complement course discussion, PMC modules are available online. We recommend you read the modules, then bring your questions to the seminar.