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PTMA Newsletter - Issue 2 2016

CMA Board of Directors Meeting Summary – Feb. 26-27, 2016

Major topics of discussion

  • Strategic planning – Prioritizing exercise for 2016 initiatives – The Board engaged in setting priorities for 2016 cognizant of several factors (fit, focus and relevance to the 2015-17 strategic plan, impact that CMA can have on outcomes and budgetary implications); information gathered during this exercise will be distilled and brought back to the Board in May for approval.

Medical Professionalism

  • The Board approved in principle the multi-year strategy to redefine and refresh its vision of physician health which is aligned to CMA’s strategic plan and complements activities underway within provincial/territorial medical association jurisdictions.
  • The Board approved CMA’s activities in medical education policy development and medical school accreditation for 2016 and will revisit some of these in terms of future involvement:
    • medical education policy
    • CMA representation on various committees
    • Memoranda of Understanding with the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools and Liaison Committee on Medical Education
    • CMA representation at the Canadian Resident Matching Service
    • Future of Medical Education in Canada (Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada) – Continuing Professional Development Consortium
  • The Board adopted as policy Guiding Principles for the Optimal Use of Data Analytics by Physicians at the Point of Care.
  • The Board endorsed the 2015 revision of the World Medical Association Statement on Nuclear Weapons.

Modern CMA

  • General Council planning - CMA continues its consultations on proposals and options related to how the role of General Council may better support a modern CMA and align with CMA’s strategic objectives in the areas of setting policy (resolutions process), delegate nominations processes and member engagement at General Council. The Board approved the following proposals:
    • Dedicated emerging issues session (to allow discussion of issues developing in the industry or environment that would inform delegates and lead to policy development).
    • Stricter use of consent agenda (to include policy motions that are non-controversial and directive motions requiring less than $10K in resources
    • Further analysis of how to enhance management of speaking privileges at General Council.
    • Resolutions Committee triage of other motions (e.g., separate session for directive motions that require more than $10K in resources or controversial motions).
    • Annual general meeting agenda management to include a CEO and Chair panel instead of stewardship reports during General Council. Further consideration will be given to moving business-related matters such as the approval of membership fees, audit report, bylaws and governance issues, etc. to the annual general meeting.
      Note that the above proposals do not require any bylaw changes.
  • The Board also received a report on best practices and research in meeting management which led to a generative discussion on the purpose and future role of General Council and member engagement within a modern CMA. The Board will review, at a future meeting, options for a plan to move forward on a Modern General Council.
  • Plans for celebrating CMA’s 150th anniversary are underway. The goal of this celebration is to demonstrate and enhance the image and value of the profession and will include online promotional activities as well as celebrations at General Council 2017 in Quebec City and in Ottawa in October 2017, and promotion of a future “National Physician Day”.
  • CMA Modern workplace – Plans and timelines to rebuild CMA House were reviewed and budgetary implications considered.
  • Awards – The Board approved honorary memberships and the recipients of the 2016 CMA awards of distinction for 2016; additional efforts will be made to work with PTMAs in submitting nominees for future awards and staff will undertake a deeper analysis of the scope of CMA Awards.
  • Videoconferencing – The Board received an update on a pilot project to further pursue videoconferencing as an option to in-person meetings to reduce travel costs and carbon footprints.

Additional items of interest received for information

CMA’s Pre-Budget Political Outreach

The CMA is actively engaged in the federal government’s pre-budget consultation process. The consultation process differed substantially this year in light of the timing of the federal election. Political outreach was initiated immediately following the submission of the pre-budget brief. As part of this submission, the CMA is recommending that the government maintain tax equity for medical professionals by affirming its commitment to the existing framework governing Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations.

CMA’s Presence at the FPT Health Ministers’ Meeting in Vancouver

On Jan. 20, 2016, the CMA held two events in parallel to the federal/provincial/territorial Health Ministers’ Meeting in Vancouver. Both events were co-hosted with Doctors of BC. The first event was a private briefing on physician-assisted dying with senior health officials representing six jurisdictions (federal, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta and Newfoundland). The private briefing was followed by an invitation-only reception. The CMA and Doctors of BC welcomed over 80 guests, including 5 health ministers, several federal MPs and B.C. MLAs. During both events, officials recognized and praised the CMA's leadership and expressed appreciation for our contribution.

Canadian Club Speech

On February 16, 2016, Dr. Cindy Forbes, CMA president, spoke to the Canadian Club of Ottawa. The theme for her speech was “Better is possible: Time for a new era for health care in Canada!” Board members, MD-MP members, students, stakeholders and media were invited to be guests alongside the CEO and CMA staff at the CMA tables. As a lead stakeholder in an era of renewed federal/provincial/territorial cooperation this address touched on the importance of a pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical alliance, health needs of our aging population, assisted dying and the importance of a collaborative discussion on health.

CMA’s advocacy on improving patient safety related to prescription medication (Vanessa’s law)

The CMA is working with governments and other stakeholders to inform the implementation of new federal legislation known as Vanessa’s Law. Vanessa’s Law was passed in November 2014 and brought into effect significant changes to the Food and Drug Act.

Vanessa’s Law establishes new powers for Health Canada to better address patient safety related to pharmaceuticals and …(read more)

June PMI Leadership Courses in Vancouver

The CMA’s upcoming PMI leadership courses will help your members learn about engaging and influencing others to create a high performing team, as well as developing valuable coaching skills in a medical context.

  • Engaging Others: June 12-14, 2016 (Vancouver, BC)
  • Physician as Coach: June 15-16, 2016 (Vancouver, BC)

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Upcoming events in your province or territory

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31 – MarMcMaster Student NightKitchenerONMD Seminar

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