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PTMA Newsletter — Issue 4, 2018

CMA Board Highlights — May 2018

The CMA Board of Directors met April 30-May 1 to discuss a variety of issues. Please click here to find out more.

Corporate member proposals

Corporate member proposals that address corporate or business matters related to AGM business will be accepted until May 22, 2018. Click here for information and submission form.

National Physicians’ Day

On April 19, the Honourable Art Eggleton, Senator, spoke on the second reading of his Senate Public Bill (S-248) to create a National Physicians' Day in Canada. The Bill, once adopted, would declare the first day of May each year as National Physicians' Day. From Senator Eggleton’s remarks:

“In 2017, the CMA marked 150 years of advocating for the health of Canadians. It was born in the same year as our Confederation. They advocated for public health during the Spanish influenza, the AIDS epidemic and the SARS outbreak. They were among the first to recognize the devastating effects of cigarettes, issuing their first public health warning in 1954. They founded the Canadian Cancer Society, among many other achievements.”

Pascal Charron, Strategic Advisor, Political Action,

The CMA and federal tax reform

The Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness, led by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and of which the CMA is a founding member, continues its advocacy in response to the federal rules affecting private corporations. The Coalition is currently advancing concerns regarding the passive investment rule changes with provincial governments. The CMA has provided PTMAs with a template letter to support this phase of advocacy.

HUMA report on seniors care

Entitled “Advancing Inclusion and Quality of Life for Seniors”, the HUMA (House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities) report was inspired by a motion authored by Marc Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt. MP Serré was moved by the CMA’s Demand a Plan supporters’ stories and testimonies. He then tabled, in the House of Commons, a private Members’ motion to study how to improve quality of life for seniors and provide better support to caregivers via the development of a national seniors strategy.

In their report, the committee found that there are tremendous challenges facing Canada’s aging population. Notably, the study recommends a national seniors strategy, which would provide a framework for the federal government, other orders of government, and stakeholders to work together towards a comprehensive and integrated strategy to advance inclusion and well-being of seniors.

Pascal Charron, Strategic Advisor, Political Action,

We’ve been busy mobilizing supporters of our Demand a Plan campaign, who have had the opportunity to:

  • take part in the Liberal Party’s issue prioritization;
  • support a Parliamentary petition E-1566 (ELDERLY) to appoint a Minister or a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for Seniors Affairs; and
  • participate in the issue prioritization of the CMA’s seniors care strategy (coming up this month). A similar survey will also be sent to CMA members who are also members of Demand a Plan.

Audrey Grandmaison, Advisor, Patient and Public Mobilization,

New Provincial/Territorial & Municipal Collaboration team

Please find below the latest policy updates from our new Provincial/Territorial & Municipal Collaboration (PTMC) team:

Cannabis legislation: The CMA continues to advance its policy recommendations as part of the legislative process for the legalization of cannabis. On April 18, CMA President Dr. Marcoux and Vice-president of Medical Professionalism Dr. Blackmer appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology regarding Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act). The CMA also submitted its core recommendations to provincial and territorial ministers of health. The CMA emphasized three key issues: the need for a public health approach, support for “one system” for cannabis and an evidence-informed approach to setting the minimum age.

Provincial budget analysis: Spring marks budget season in Canada’s provincial legislatures. For the first time, the CMA was invited by Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa to participate in this year’s provincial budget-lockup. Key issues that the PTMC team have been actively monitoring and assessing in this year’s budgets include: provincial/territorial investment in health, seniors care, and responses to the federal government’s changes to the passive investment rules under incorporation. This analysis will inform the CMA’s future advocacy with the provinces and territories.

Azin Peyrow, Director, Provincial/Territorial & Municipal Collaboration,
Charles Bergeron, Senior Advisor, Provincial/Territorial & Municipal Collaboration,

New Healthy Canadians Grants to support grassroots health initiatives

The CMA — in partnership with the CMA Foundation — is launching the Healthy Canadians Grants program to support community initiatives making a difference in the health of Canadians.

Under the theme of seniors’ wellness, this year’s grants will recognize community-led programs that benefit seniors, their families, and the physicians who care for them. Examples of initiatives include exercise, meal and transportation programs for seniors, as well as respite programs for caregivers.

A total of 14—grants will be given out this year by the CMA Foundation — one $10,000 grant to each province or territory, and an additional $20,000 grant to the home province of the CMA president — Quebec for this year. To be eligible, programs must be provided through a registered Canadian charity and all applications must be accompanied by a letter of support from a local physician endorsing the proposal.

Please click here for more information on grant criteria and application procedures.

The deadline to apply is June 22, 2018.

CMA Patient Voice

We’re pleased to share some information on the CMA’s newest patient engagement initiative, the CMA Patient Voice. Rooted in the CMA 2020 strategic plan, the CMA Patient Voice aims to further enhance our ability to advocate for a healthy population and a vibrant profession. More specifically, the CMA Patient Voice will:

  • provide an informed patient perspective to the work of the CMA;
  • highlight emerging issues that matter to patients and the public; and
  • provide insights on patient engagement strategies and campaigns.

As the CMA moves towards bringing a patient perspective to our work, the CMA Patient Voice will help ensure we're hearing from a diversity of voices.

On May 22, the CMA will launch a call for nominations; we’re looking for up to 12 individuals from across Canada to join the group. We encourage engaged citizens from a broad cross-section of Canadian society to share their voice with us. Please consult the CMA Patient Voice webpage for further information.

Jasmine Neeson, Senior Advisor, Patient and Public Mobilization,

Joule innovation grants — two weeks left to apply!

This year’s Joule innovation grant program is now open for applications until June 1, 2018.

Flex your innovation muscles whether you’re still in medical school, in residency, or in practice. With physician-led innovation continuing to grow, there is no better time for your members to take the next step in making these innovations a reality. Learn more about this year’s grant program at

Joule Physician Leadership Institute—helping physicians adapt to the future

Anyone in health care knows change is constant. It can virtually swamp unprepared organizations. Joule’s Physician Leadership Institute offers physicians and medical teams development opportunities to help them adapt and lead a bright future. Joule offers accredited open enrollment (Online and face-to-face) leadership courses to improve physician leadership in the health care system. Courses are developed and delivered by physicians and experts in the field. Our open enrollment courses run from May 28 through the fall of this year and help physicians build skills like communication, influence and negotiation as well as comprehensive leadership development and certification.

These same courses can also be offered in-house to institutions, such as yours, at the time of your choosing and are available to the entire health care team. We will now include in-house courses in other provinces to the PTMA Newsletter “Upcoming events” calendar. To inquire about how in-house PLI courses can provide the best possible learning solution for your organization, please contact Tracy Huckabone.

Date Event City Province Details
22-23 JuneInfluencer – Vital Smarts courseSaskatoonSKIn-house PLI course
23-25 SeptSelf-awareness and effective leadership
Montreal QCOpen enrolment PLI course
26-27 SeptLeading systems in healthcare
Montreal QCOpen enrolment PLI course
21-23 SeptEngaging others
TorontoONOpen enrolment PLI course
24-25 OctPhysician leadership focus
TorontoON Open enrolment PLI course

MD Financial Suite Acquisition Campaign Launch May 1

And we’re off! In support of the new MD Financial Suite, we have launched an acquisition campaign, with our first phase being the MD ExO Direct Incentive Program, which is targeting CMA member-MD non-clients and past MD clients. MD will distribute $200 to clients who open an MD ExO Direct account between May 1, 2018 and July 1, 2018. A call-out campaign promoting the incentive will be running for the duration of The Program. For more details, please visit our program page.

Status Report — 2018 CMA Lapsed Member Program

The Lapsed Member Program is an annual retention campaign that involves calls/emails to all CMA members who have not yet renewed their 2018 membership.

CMA Lapsed Member Program
Broadcast 1
Email 1
Call out 1
Call out 2
Call out 3
NWTMAMar-05 Mar-06Mar-08Mar-26Apr-26
MSPEIMar-05 Mar-06Mar-08Mar-26Apr-26
NLMAMar-05 Mar-06 Mar-08Mar-28Apr-26
OMAFeb-15Mar-06 Feb-15Feb-22Apr-03
Mar-05Mar-27Mar-08Mar-10 Apr-26
YMAMay-01 May-01   

Questions? Please contact the CMA Member Service Centre at or 1-888-855-2555 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST)

Upcoming events in your province or territory

Date Event City Province Details
17-MayFederal Budget SeminarCanmoreBCSeminar
17-MayVancouver Info BrewVancouverBCSeminar
23-MayPost Grad Year 4 Anesthesia TalkTorontoONSeminar
23-MayMD Direct TradeTrois-RivieresQCSeminar
24-MayUofC Neurology Academic Half-DayCalgaryABSeminar
24-MayPARO Transition to Practice TalkTorontoONSeminar
25-MayPsychiatry Academic Half-DayCalgaryABSeminar
26-May Resident Doctors of BC MD Inc.VancouverBCSeminar
28-MayFirst Time Home BuyersKingstonONSeminar
30-MayInsurance SeminarCalgaryABSeminar
30-MayUBC Transition to Practice SeminarVictoria  
30-MayHow to Tax EfficientlyOttawaONSeminar
1-JunFamily Dinner and BonfireYellowknifeNTAppreciation
6-JunFamily Med Talk – McMasterBramptonONSeminar
7-JunSurgical Residents CanMeds Academic Half-DayCalgaryABSeminar
7-JunTouchstone Talk #2TorontoONSeminar
8-JunOrtho RetreatSaskatoonSKSeminar
12-JunOMA Transition to PracticeTorontoONSeminar
14-JunGeriatric Medicine Academic Half-DayCalgaryABSeminar
16-JunIncredibles 2 ScreeningHamiltonONAppreciation
16-JunIncredibles 2 ScreeningKamloopsBCAppreciation

To find out more contact Angela Moffatt.