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PTMA Newsletter - Issue 8 2014

New! CPS app now available for CMA members

Effective this year, the Canadian Pharmacists Association will no longer distribute a free print edition of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) a.k.a. the “big blue book” to Canadian physicians. To ensure members have access to this valuable and relevant clinical tool, the CMA is now providing residents and practising physicians free access to the RxTx Mobile App which includes the CPS (Rx) as well as a bonus subscription to Drug Choices (Tx). Product features include:

  • Search across 2,000 product monographs and listings, updated regularly
  • Check doses, adverse effects, drug interactions and relative cost of over 2200 drugs for over 200 medical conditions
  • Available in English and French on iOS and Android devices — online or off
  • An exclusive membership benefit with value of over $500 annually

Members received an invitation email with a link to a registration form or were referred to the CMA Member Service Centre.

For additional information contact Renée de Gannes-Marshall.

Health Information Technology and eHealth at CMA

Concentrated on the use of unique physician identifiers across the profession and guidelines for physicians to recommend mobile apps to their patients. HIT policy, discussion papers, and resources can be located on the new by clicking here.

For additional information contact Conrad Amenta.

PMI physician leadership courses

PMI courses assist members complement their clinical expertise with practical leadership skills. Courses are:

  • Developed for physicians by the CMA
  • Delivered by open enrolment, online, or in-house
  • Fully accredited by the RCPSC and the CFPC
  • Designed to set attendees on a path to achieve the Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) designation
  • Discounted for CMA members

Upcoming Courses

Physician as Coach – November 23-24, 2014, Vancouver, BC.

Talent Management – November 25-27, 2014, Vancouver, BC.

Learn more

New from the Physician Data Centre

The Physician Data Centre contains statistical information, articles and reports prepared by the Centre as well as relevant external links. The Centre has revised its January 2014 physician supply demographic tables based on new information received from Quebec. Please feel free to share with your internal and external stakeholders.

If you would like additional information regarding these tables or the Physician Data Centre, please contact Lynda Buske.

CMA Conjoint Accreditation Services enters new era

The Canadian Medical Association business unit that accredits more than 200 educational programs for 15 allied health professions in Canada is reinventing itself to be more relevant and responsive to the organizations it serves.

“The CMA Accreditation team is doing a great job of actively shaping its future to become more relevant, transparent and efficient,” said CMA President Chris Simpson.

“In addition to introducing changes to make existing accreditation standards clearer, CMA Accreditation is also introducing new templates, tools and technology to improve the efficiency of the accreditation process.”

The changes now underway are some of the most significant the program has seen in its 75-year history, and reflect feedback about the existing process.

These enhancements include:

  • updating and clarifying requirements for accreditation
  • producing the service’s first guide to accreditation requirements
  • enhancing and improving templates and reporting tools for programs
  • updating procedures to reflect the changing education landscape

In addition, CMA Accreditation is building a new system that will improve logistics and allow for near-paperless assessment.

Through the changes that have been made and those envisaged for the future, Simpson said CMA Accreditation is slowly establishing the CMA as the connector between traditional physician and nurse-based initiatives and the allied health professions. As examples, both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute have tapped into the strong relationships CMA has developed with allied health professions to reach out to these groups.

“With these changes, CMA Accreditation will continue to be the gold standard for accreditation of allied health in Canada,” Simpson said. As such, the program provides value for CMA members by fostering inter-professional collaboration and helping ensure that all members of the health care team are trained to rigorous standards and contribute to the high quality of the entire health care system.

International physician health conference stresses change

The pervasive and uncontrollable nature of change and the challenges it poses to physician well-being was a dominant theme at the 2014 International Conference on Physician Health (ICPH) held London, UK in mid-September. The conference was a sold-out affair involving more than 300 delegates from 16 countries.

The issue of change was addressed directly by one of the opening speakers British Medical Association President Baroness Ilora Finlay, who referenced the referendum on Scottish independence which was to occur three days after her remarks. She used the referendum as an example of titanic changes that can impact people but are outside their control.

Living with uncertainty is very difficult, she said, and people are increasingly turning to physicians — with unrealistic expectations for answers.

The importance of physician health and well-being in supporting a strong health care system was noted by American Medical Association President Dr. Robert Wah.

“If we don’t keep ourselves healthy we can’t keep others healthy.”

‘Transitions’ was the formal theme of the meeting and Finlay noted such transitions now occur constantly. “This conference’s theme reminds us of how important it is to acknowledge the specific challenges inherent with each transition in the medical career,” said Canadian Medical Association President Chris Simpson in his opening remarks.

Simpson was also present at a research session highlighting the global nature of the stressful transition from medical school to residency. “It’s really raw, I experienced it myself,” said Simpson, who is chairman of the cardiology department at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON).

Simpson announced at the meeting that he’s working with Queen’s researchers to allow them to assess the impact of a physician leadership role – namely that of CMA president – on his personal health. Simpson said he hoped his activities would support two key goals for physician health: primary prevention and destigmatizing the issue.

“I will be baring my soul to the world,” he said.

There was a strong Canadian contingent at the meeting which is co-partnered by the American Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association, and British Medical Association. Registrants from Canada made up more than 25% of the delegates in attendance and the Canadian Medical Foundation was a sponsor of the welcome reception at the event.

There were several Canadian-based presentations at the conference including an overview of the evolution of the Canadian Physician Health Institute (CPHI) and CMA research findings on physician attitudes towards end-of-life care gathered during the recent national dialogue on these issues.

A commentary published in the CMAJ just prior to the conference also helped set the context for the meeting by noting that physician health has broad implications in today’s health care system and is a “political issue” rather than just one of personal well-being.

“I’m blown away by how much further ahead you (Canada) are,” a New Mexico physician in the audience commented after the presentation by CPHI representatives Dr. Derek Puddester and Christopher Simon.

Unlike some speakers from the United Kingdom who talked about the many challenges physicians face in what one described as a “toxic” work environment within the National Health System, Puddester and Simon outlined how Canada has addressed its own challenges with a broad scope of programs and strategies to maintain and improve physician health and well-being in Canada.

“We’re planning to change (physician) culture across the country,” said Puddester. The CPHI was formed three years ago as a collaboration between the Canadian Medical Association, provincial and territorial medical association physician health programs (PHPs) and the Canadian Medical Foundation.

Medical students urged to be strong advocates

Canada’s medical students need to be strong advocates for a better health care system.

That was the main message delivered by Canadian Medical Association president Chris Simpson in his address to the annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS).

In his speech which was followed by a lengthy question and answer period, Simpson stressed the concept of students as advocates but combined this with his well-honed messages on the importance of developing a national strategy on seniors care and a segue into the importance of the students looking after their own health and wellbeing.

“Student leadership is really, really important,” Simpson said in his opening remarks, adding that “the advocacy sensibility of physicians needs to be brought out by your generation.”

Asked later about the limits on physician advocacy, Simpson said the students should take the view that “anything that impacts my patients’ health is important to me.”

He applauded the medical students of today for having a more advanced sense of the physicians’ duty to society than in the past.

Simpson’s remarks coincided with the release by the CMA of a new online mini-module on advocacy presented by past-president John Haggie. The module is being made available to CMA members including medical students as a benefit of membership.

Talking about seniors’ care, Simpson said “if we can fix seniors care we can fix a lot of what is wrong with the health care system.”

“We (the CMA) believe that seniors care can be a ballot box issue,” he said in reference to next year’s federal election.

He said the emphasis on seniors’ care is an example of how the CMA is listening to its members and the public and advocating on issue of importance to them.

“If we want to be influential as an organization we need to serve the hearts and minds of Canadians,” he said.

Asked about balancing advocacy activities with spending time with family and maintaining personal health, Simpson said he had no definite answer. But he did note that he was hoping to destigmatize the issue of physician health by personally being the subject of a psychological study of the impact of leadership on health and wellbeing.

Simpson urged the students to become more involved with the CMA and said he would like to see more integration between the CFMS and the CMA.

Upcoming events in your province or territory

Date Event City Province Details
15-17 OctSymposium francophone de médecine 2014MontrealQCMD/CMA Exhibiting/Sponsorship
16- OctPresentation to Queen's Public Health ResidentsPictonONMD Event
17-19 OctRetirement Retreat WeekendSt. Catherine'sONMD Seminar
17- OctBC IMG ConferenceVancouverBCMD Event
18- OctNetworking Evening For Physicians (Brewery)VancouverBCMD Event
18- OctUS Tax Considerations For CanadiansRichmond HillONMD Seminar
21- OctNetworking Evening For Physicians (Brewery)TorontoONMD Event
21- OctMarket Outlook: Perspectives and InsightsCourtenayBCMD Seminar
21- OctCMA Media Awards 2014OttawaONMD Exhibiting/
22- OctTax-Wise Investing For Incorporated PhysiciansTorontoONMD Seminar
22- OctMarket Outlook: Perspectives and InsightsAbbotsfordBCMD Seminar
23- OctMarket Outlook: Perspectives and InsightsSurreyBCMD Seminar
23- OctIncorporation - The Right Choice For Your Practice?QuebecQCMD Seminar
25-28 Oct2014 Canadian Cardiovascular CongressVancouverBCMD/CMA Exhibiting
28- OctClient Dinner With MD's Executive Leadership TeamYarmouthNSMD Event
29- OctMarket Outlook: Perspectives and InsightsNew GlasgowNSMD Seminar
30- OctClient Dinner With MD's Executive Leadership TeamLondonONMD Event
30- OctFemale Physician Culinary Evening MississaugaONMD Event
01-NovOntario Association of General Surgeons (OAGS) 20th Annual Meeting TorontoONMD Exhibiting
01-NovGreater Toronto Area Primary Care SymposiumTorontoONMD Event
01-NovRetirement Planning WorkshopVancouverBCMD Seminar
05-NovUniversity of Alberta Specialty PMCEdmontonABMD Event
05-NovIncome Tax Strategies for PhysiciansThornhillONMD Seminar
05-NovWine PairingMontrealQCMD Event
05-NovNetworking Evening for PhysiciansWindsorONMD Event
06-NovUBC Plastic Surgery ResidentsVancouverBCMD Event
06-NovUniversity of Calgary Specialty PMCCalgaryABMD Event
06-NovDocs NS and CMA Member Event (Beer Tasting)HalifaxNSMD/CMA Event
07-Nov38th Annual Northern Doctor's Day 2014 Prince GeorgeBCMD Event
07-Nov2014 YMA Annual General Meeting and CME Update WeekendWhitehorseYTPTMA AGM
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)MonctonNBMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)Saint JohnNBMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)StratfordONMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)FrederictonNBMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)SydneyNSMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)PeterboroughONMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)Quebec CityQCMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)St. John'sNLMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)KelownaBCMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)KitchenerONMD Family Event
08-NovBig Hero 6 (movie)Owen SoundONMD Family Event
11-NovFemale Physician Wine Tasting
(With Investment Seminar)
KitchenerONMD Event
12-NovFinancial TalkQuebecQCMD Seminar
13-NovMD Forum TorontoONMD Seminar
13-15 Nov2014 Family Medicine ForumQuebec CityQCMD/CMA Exhibiting
14-16 NovOntario Medical Student WeekendNiagara FallsONMD Event
14-NovWine and Scotch TastingSarniaONMD Event
18-NovCME Accredited Winding Down Seminar
Speaker: Tom Faloon
BellevilleONMD Seminar
19-NovFinancial Talk UMF - Richelieu YamaskaSt-HiacyntheQCMD Seminar
19-NovWorkshopMonctonNBMD Event
19-NovCME Accredited Winding Down Seminar
Speaker: Tom Faloon
KingstonONMD Seminar
19-NovForward Thinking SeminarPort WilliamsNSMD Seminar
20-NovWorkshop FrederictonFrederictonNBMD Event
20-NovPMC - McGillMontrealQCMD Event
20-NovClient Dinner with Brian Peters and FrancoisVancouverBCMD Event
20-NovTom Faloon CME Accredited Winding Down SeminarBrockvilleONMD Seminar
21-NovWorkshop St. JohnSt. JohnNBMD Event
21-23 NovFamily Medicine Retreat Weekend (FMRW)Grand BendONMD Event
24-NovQCARE+ Financial Seminars for ResidentsKingstonONMD Seminar
26-NovUBC Specialty PMVancouverBCMD Event
26-NovUS Tax Consideration for CanadiansMississaugaONMD Seminar
26-NovTom Faloon CME Accredited Winding Down SeminarTimminsONMD Seminar
26-NovHoliday Reception 'Open House'VictoriaBCMD Event
26-NovMadagascar Penguins (Movie)AbbotsfordBCMD Family Event
26-NovMadagascar Penguins (Movie)VernonBCMD Family Event
26-NovMadagascar Penguins (Movie)OttawaONMD Family Event
27-NovWine PairingQuebec CityQCMD Event
28-NovPMC Specialiste SherbrookeSherbrookeQCMD Event
27-29 NovOntario College of Family PhysiciansTorontoONMD Exhibiting
04-DecFemale Physician Wine Tasting (With Investment SeminarKitchenerONMD Event
11-DecCapsure financièreQuebecQCMD Event
11-DecUniversity of Alberta Family Medicine PMCEdmontonABMD Event

For additional information please contact Marie-Anne Abboud.