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PTMA Newsletter - Issue 9 2015

Putting a face to the name—meet NewCo CEO, Lindee David

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the newest CMA company—currently known as NewCo but soon to have a moniker and brand worthy of its CMA heritage.

As its CEO, Lindee David, and her team put the finishing touches on its strategic plan that will no doubt lead to an innovative and bright future, CMA member and former Board member, Dr. Jesse Kancir sat down with Lindee to learn more about NewCo and what is in store for members.

Please take two minutes to watch this short interview so you too can put a face to the name.

Your members can earn credits, enhance their leadership skills AND save $250

All physicians are leaders, regardless of title or career stage. In today’s complex environment, physicians need to be good collaborators, communicators and leaders.

Tell your members that if they register for one of the courses below by January 18, 2015, they can save $250 (promo code: SAVE$250).

  • Leadership Begins with Self Awareness (Online): Jan 18 – Feb 28, 2016
  • Effective Communication Skills for Physician Leaders (Online): Feb 1 – Mar 13, 2016
  • Developing and Leading System Improvement (Face to face in Toronto): Feb 21 - 22, 2016
  • Quality Measurement for Leadership and Learning (Face to face in Toronto): Feb 23 - 24, 2016

Learn more

CMA members have access to faster, better answers — and save $2,000 a year

Let your members know that they can take advantage of a number of high-quality evidence-based clinical resources as part of their CMA membership. These include access to 13,000+ videos and 5 million+ images, 4,300+ monographs for Canadian drugs, 4,800+ clinical topics summarized and available at the point-of-care, and 1,200+ textbooks.

CMA members can practice with confidence with access to these leading clinical tools:

  • ClinicalKey: Books, journals, multimedia, patient education and more.
  • DynaMed: Evidence-based point-of-care summaries.
  • The CPS (Rx) and Drug Choices (Tx) apps

Invite your members to take a tour today.

CMA backs OMA plans for constitutional challenge

The Canadian Medical Association has supported Ontario Medical Association plans to launch a constitutional challenge to the Ontario government under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to reverse unilateral physician fee cuts and impose binding arbitration.

“We believe Ontario doctors have the right to a fair dispute resolution process,” said CMA President Cindy Forbes following the unanimous decision by the OMA Board of Directors.

“The CMA laments the Ontario government’s unwillingness to negotiate with doctors in the province and stand with the OMA in its attempts to bring the government back to the bargaining table.”

The CMA position reinforces three resolutions passed by representatives across the country at the association’s General Council meeting in August in Halifax. At that time, delegates gave overwhelming support to OMA-sponsored resolutions condemning the provincial government for unilaterally imposing a cap on physician billings and supporting the OMA’s call for a binding dispute resolution.

Another motion adopted at the meeting calls on the government to take responsibility for fully funding all necessary physician services in the province.

“We have to stop this and we have to stop this now,” said B.C. physician Dr. Brad Fritz at the time. “The slippery slope is if the government sees they can get away with it in Ontario, they will do it in every province.”

The OMA board made its decision to pursue legal action following a failed meeting with the health minister and senior staff the previous day.

Currently, the OMA argued, a significant power imbalance exists between the government and the OMA and if not corrected, the government will continue to adopt unreasonable bargaining positions and take unilateral action in its dealings with the OMA.

The OMA argues the right to binding arbitration – as it exists for physicians in eight other jurisdictions – will help correct the current impasse, provide stability moving forward and allow doctors to deliver high-quality, patient-focused care.

In the Charter challenge, the OMA will ask the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to strike down the health ministry’s unilateral fee cuts and find that a binding dispute resolution process must be established to resolve future bargaining disputes between the OMA and the ministry.

At the same time, the Board announced the OMA would participate in a government task force to make recommendations for improving and funding physician services.

Conference focuses on helping MDs deal with multiple roles

Using the lessons learned from performing as an Olympic athlete to help physicians maintain their health was the focus of the opening keynote address at the 4th Canadian Conference on Physician Health held in Winnipeg.

More than 160 delegates attended the two day meeting hosted by Doctors Manitoba, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF).

The opening session featured Jennifer Botterill, a three-time Olympic medalist in hockey who has 15 years’ experience speaking about personal development and high-performance psychology.

In her presentation, Botterill drew parallels between the expectations of, and challenges facing, high-performing athletes and physicians. She used her experiences to provide guidance to the audience on how to continually perform at a high level.

“Remember why you love what you do,” she said. Botterill also urged the audience to find small windows of time to recover from the stress associated with work.

“Taking care of yourself may be the most unselfish thing you ever do,” she added later.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Great Expectations: Navigating the competing identities of the modern physician.”

CMA President Cindy Forbes touched on this in her opening remarks to the conference by noting “there are certainly many challenges in being a practicing physician in the 21st century – professionally, technologically and socially.”

“As physicians, we don’t always have a lot of control over what comes at us from our external environment, but we do have control over how we react,” she said. “Being prepared and continuously adapting is critical.”

In his introductory remarks, Doctors Manitoba President David Cram noted that as physicians “we do many things but often we don’t look after ourselves”.

Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, chair of the CMF Board of Trustees, brought greetings via video to the meeting and noted that the foundation is continuing to focus on funding activities related to physician health and well-being.

One major initiative she noted was contract work being undertaken on behalf of the CMF to define minimum standards for provincial physician health programs.

Sessions presented during the first day of the conference included a discussion of the duty to report physicians with health concerns and the medico-legal implications of physician health as well as an overview of projects funded by the Canadian Physician Health Institute.

Resiliency program for residents unveiled

Plans for a national, coordinated resiliency training program to help Canadian residents deal with stress were detailed by the Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoc) at the recent Canadian Conference on Physician Health (CCPH) in Winnipeg.

While the project will not be tested in pilot settings until next year, it received high marks from the attendees who received a condensed overview of the program.

“This is concrete and practical and aimed at giving people tools rather than creating more angst,” said one audience member following the presentation by RDoc representatives Drs. Nureen Sumar, Christina Nowik and Laura Swaney.

The need for residents to receive more support in dealing with stress were laid out in a series of statistics describing the often shockingly high rates of burnout and suicide among those receiving postgraduate training in medicine.

While suicide was not a major theme at this year’s CCPH meeting, at least several delegates acknowledged on social media that the topic was their main reason for attending.

During the RDoc presentation, it was stated that suicide is a major issue for residents in Canada but that no good statistics exist to capture the exact magnitude of the problem.

“We have to perform at a high level under conditions of high stakes while under conditions of high stress or fatigue,” the RDoc presenters noted.

The RDoc resiliency program under development has been adapted from work done by the Department of National Defence and has been further adapted for the health care community by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The presenters at the CCPH session stressed the program is intended not only to help residents deal with stress but also to foster an environment that will produce healthy physicians delivering high-quality patient care.

The skills-based program is designed to create an awareness of the stress involved in residency training and provide tools to deal with this stress in addition to training residents in the mandatory competencies outlined in CanMEDS 2015.

Audience members were provided with an overview of the underlying rationale behind the segments of the resiliency program and the tools that will be made available to residents.

A key component of the program still under development is a leadership curriculum to allow those working with residents to properly integrate the program and deal with issues that arise. In addition, facilitators will receive a five-day course to ensure the program is delivered properly.

The RDoc presenters noted it was important that these components be put in place before the program is rolled out in Canada in order to ensure it is implemented properly.

“The curriculum may resonate with residents – but we need to make sure supports are in place at the leadership level before doing pilots,” they noted.

Are you LEADing the way?

The Canadian Medical Association is a proud supporter of Canada Health Infoway’s (Infoway) pan-Canadian Knowing is Better clinician education campaign developed to generate awareness of the benefits of digital health in Canada.

As part of the campaign, Infoway along with Accreditation Canada have recently launched the 2016 LEADing Practice awards, which seek to identify health care providers and organizations that are demonstrating leadership in the advanced use of technology in clinical practice.

Share how you are LEADing the way by using digital health to strengthen your clinical practice and improve the patient experience.

The call for submissions is open until December 18th, 2015. Learn more about the initiative and how you can participate.

Also, learn more about last year’s LEADing Practice award recipients in this short whiteboard animation video!

AccessMedicine no longer included in CMA membership

As of December 22, 2015, AccessMedicine will no longer be offered as part of CMA membership.

AccessMedicine is an educational textbook resource that medical students are introduced to during medical school. It has more limited appeal to practicing physicians.

Earlier this year, ClinicalKey, a more comprehensive tool that offers, in addition to textbook content, full-text journals, a large volume of patient handouts and a vast image and multimedia collection, was added to CMA’s product offering by NewCo, its newest company. ClinicalKey has broad appeal to all segments of CMA membership with 10,000 members already using it. Former users of AccessMedicine will be encouraged to adopt ClinicalKey as well.

CMA Librarians are poised to assist members with the transition. Employees or members with questions can contact

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