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Public health

Driving change that improves the health of Canadians

The CMA provides leadership and expertise that help shape public health policies. We draw on the passion, knowledge and skills of our over 85,000 members to advocate for changes that will prevent illness and disease and help Canadians live healthier lives. We strive to connect the voices of Canada’s physicians on critical public health issues and provide support that helps them work toward a healthy population.

Building on over 150 years of success, we continuously evolve our organization and approach to keep pace with progress in medicine and address the changing needs of Canadians. We recognize that it takes contributions from many stakeholders to keep communities healthy. That’s why our public health strategy focuses on:

  • Working with members and partners to identify and address important public health issues
  • Engaging with patients and building their unique perspectives into our policy development and advocacy work
  • Influencing change by taking bold and transparent stances on health issues that matter to the medical profession and the public
  • Supporting grassroots advocacy programs that connect our members with local members of parliament and each other

The CMA will continue to drive change that promotes health, prevents disease and disability, and addresses inequalities in the health of Canadians.