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Maintaining your certification is an integral part of the credential process. Your CCPE credential is valid for five years. You will officially be notified of this requirement about nine months prior to the annual recertification expiration date of June 1. If at that time you decide not to renew your CCPE, please officially notify the CCPE Secretariat.

Recertification sends a strong message to employers, staff, peers, patients and the health care community at large that you are committed to:

  • lifelong learning, a hallmark of leaders
  • remaining current in your profession
  • enhancing knowledge and skills as a physician leader

2018 Recertification Application Form

How to recertify

To renew your certification at the end of five years, you must:

  1. Maintain good standing and membership

    • physician in continuous good standing with applicable provincial licensing body
    • membership with the CMA and CSPL
  2. Participate in ongoing professional leadership development and education

    • evidence of a minimum 40 CPD credits in leadership activities in the past five years — plus attendance at a Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership. Unaccredited activities that support your leadership growth will be considered. NOTE: While we encourage continued attendance at PLI courses, they are not a recertification requirement.
  3. Continue to accumulate leadership accomplishments

    • provide information on recertification application demonstrating that leadership capabilities continue to be met at the mastery level in the LEADS domains of “Develops coalition” and “System transformation”.
  4. Provide letter of attestation

    • signed attestation is submitted by an individual (confidentially and independently) to whom the physician is accountable that verifies the CCPE’s self-reflection statement on personal leadership capabilities.
  5. Pay recertification application fee

    • $250 plus applicable taxes (on or before June 1 in year due); this administrative fee offsets review of your recertification application by a physician peer assessment panel:
      AB/ BC/ MB/ NWT/ YT/ NU/ SK (5%) ON (13%) PE (14%) NB/ NL/ NS (15%) QC (GST+QST)
      $250.00 + $12.50 = $262.50$250.00 + $32.50 = $282.50$250.00 + $35.00 = $285.00$250.00 + $37.50 = $287.50$250.00 + $12.50 + $24.94 = $287.44
    • Cheques payable to CSPL are mailed to:
      Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
      CCPE Secretariat
      Suite 323 – 875 Carling Avenue
      Ottawa ON K1S 5P1

    • credit card payments can be made online

The recertification process

The CCPE Recertification Peer Assessment Panel will review your submission and determine whether or not the requirements for recertification have been met. You will be notified, in writing, of the outcome of the recertification application review.

If recertification application is approved - You may use the designation for an additional five years, assuming you remain an active member of both the CMA and CSPL.

If recertification application is not approved ― You will be contacted by the CCPE Secretariat. Failure to recertify (i.e. unpaid fees by June 1 or non-submission of recertification application) will be grounds for revoking CCPE designation.