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​​Seminars for medical residents ― family medicine program

This two-day program covers a range of topics to help you prepare for practice in various settings.

Evaluating opportunities

Learn the importance of assembling and seeking advice from your own professional advisory team. This session introduces the evaluation process for short- and long-term practice opportunities and encourages you to take ownership in all your personal and professional decisions.

Medical records

The ongoing care of patients depends on good records. This session covers efficiently writing effective reports, regulatory body reviews, medical review committee inquiries by provincial governments and reviews by the Canadian Medical Protective Association.


This session looks at the variety of staffing requirements and functions seen in family practice, and details interviewing, hiring and ongoing performance appraisal for staff in the medical practice.

Setting up an office

There are many mechanical and logistical issues that should be addressed to ensure the medical office runs efficiently and effectively. The seminar illustrates how economies of scale favour group practice, and identifies the expenses of office setup and operation.

Billing principles

Most family medicine physicians are self-employed, rather than salaried, providing a professional service. This means income is received upon billing as payment for services rendered. This session addresses when, how and who to bill, third-party billing, alternate billing options, uninsured/noninsured services and more.

Insurance planning

Insurance planning is part of an overall financial plan, and this seminar is tailored to cover disability and life insurance, occupational definitions, elimination periods, riders and benefits and office overheads

Principles of personal, professional financial management

Explore the principles of personal and professional financial management and learn how MD Financial Management​​ can help with questions.

Personal, professional accounting issues and taxation

Learn about how the accounting software packages now available help interpret tax definitions and principles as they apply to the physician and point out the basic tax deductions available.