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Developing and leading system improvement

Nov. 23–24, 2014 • Vancouver SOLD OUT
2 days — 40 participants max.
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June 1-2, 2015 • Halifax
2 days — 40 participants max.
2015 PMI Course Registration

*This course is available to CMA members only.

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Capability in quality improvement (QI) science is essential to meet the challenge of improving outcomes across the health care system. As leaders playing a key role in engaging all health care professionals, you must have practical experience with QI tools and methods.

This course – with a focus on efficiency and access – provides an introduction through lecture, small-group work and hands-on learning, where you have the opportunity to develop a plan for improving an area of your own system.

Return on investment

  • Describe the theory and science of QI in health care.
  • Discuss common sources of waste in health care.
  • Apply tools that reveal and explore patterns and processes within your system.
  • Explain and apply the Model for Improvement in health care.
  • Discuss techniques for identifying ideas for improvement or change in health care.
  • Apply course content to a quality improvement agenda in the context of your organization.

Unique in-house option: Focus on safety or delve deeper into clinical practice redesign with tools and methods for improved access.

Faculty team

Martin Lees, MD, MSA, PhD, CCPE

Katherine Stevenson, BA Honours, BScPT, MSc

Kishore Visvanathan, , MD, FRCSC

Mary Yates, BA (Hons), MEd

Program Investment

Vancouver, BC

CMA member
$1,985.00 + tax

Non CMA member
$2,646.67 + tax

Halifax, NS

CMA member
1906.00 + tax

Non CMA member
$2541.33 + tax


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Course registration

*This course is available to CMA members only.