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The CMA wants to know: What does it mean to be a practicing physician in Canada?

With the launch of its inaugural Workforce Survey, the CMA is asking physicians for information about their practice — data that will feed into the association’s future advocacy efforts around health care planning.

In short, the CMA Workforce Survey examines what it means to be a practicing physician in Canada, looking at everything from working hours to use of technology and practice settings. Building on research that the CMA has conducted in the past — including the National Physician Survey — the study will track changing attitudes, practice patterns and trends in the medical community, year over year.

“The way that physicians work is constantly changing,” says Dr. Granger Avery, CMA President. “In order to plan for a future health care system that meets the needs of both patients and providers, we need to clearly understand what hours physicians are working, who they are working with and what their plans for the future are. This work is more important than ever.”

Conducted between January 13 and February 27, the survey is open to all licensed practicing physicians in Canada (not limited to CMA members). Once available, aggregated results will be posted on the CMA website. Aggregate survey results will also be made available to academics, researchers, stakeholders, health care decision-makers and the media, in order to help advance knowledge of medical practice, inform policy decisions, and advocate for required changes to Canada’s health care system.

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