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Top POEMs of 2016

Twenty POEMs summarizing original research studies and sent to CMA members by email in 2016 are listed by subject below. Out of 264 critically appraised studies that addressed a primary care question, CMA members determined these 20 original research studies and four practice guidelines of 2016 have the greatest clinical relevance for physicians.

Reference: Mark H. Ebell MD, MS and Roland Grad MD, MSc. Top 20 Research Studies of 2016 for Primary Care Physicians in American Family Physician, Volume 95, Issue 9, Pages 572-579.

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This is the sixth installment in a series appearing in American Family Physician.

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  1. SBP of 120 Instead of 140 in Nondiabetic, High-Risk Elderly Leads to Significant Benefits and Some Harms (SPRINT)
  2. Normotensive Patients at Intermediate Risk of CV Disease Do Not Benefit from ARB + HCTZ (HOPE-3)
  3. Meta-Analysis: Intensive BP Control Decreases Major CV Events and Stroke, But Not MI, CHF, or Mortality
  4. BP Lowering and Statins Not Synergistic for CV Risk Reduction (HOPE-3)
  5. Spironolactone Most Effective Add-On for Patients with Resistant Hypertension (PATHWAY-2)
  6. Hypertensive Urgency Not Really an Urgent Problem

Respiratory Conditions

  1. Inhaled Fluticasone-Salmeterol Better Than Fluticasone Alone for Moderate to Severe Asthma
  2. Nasal Irrigation, but Not Steam Inhalation, Beneficial for Chronic Sinus Symptoms (SNIFS)
  3. Delayed Rx for Respiratory Infections Produces Similar Results and Satisfaction as Immediate Treatment

Musculoskeletal Conditions

  1. All Analgesics Are Better Than Placebo in Patients with Knee or Hip DJD
  2. Opioid Analgesia Hard to Tolerate and Not Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain
  3. Little Correlation Between Hip Pain and Radiographic Evidence of Osteoarthritis

Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity

  1. Blood Pressure Goal of 140-150 mmHg Best for Patients with Diabetes
  2. Low HbA1C, BP, and Cholesterol in Elderly Patients with DMT2 Associated with High Mortality
  3. Mediterranean Diet Produces Moderate Weight Loss


  1. Smoking Cessation: Abrupt Quitting More Effective Than a Gradual Approach
  2. Best Approaches to Physical Diagnosis of Acute Red Eye
  3. Azithromycin Slightly Inferior to Doxycycline for Genital Chlamydia Infection
  4. Third-Generation Oral Contraceptives Associated with Greater Risk of PE, Stroke, and MI
  5. Parents Should Use an Oral Syringe to Measure and Administer Liquid Medicines

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