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What makes a healthy physician?

Health Practices podcast series

Treating the doctor patient

Guest: Dr. Michael Peters

Is the “physician patient” an oxymoron? Dr. Michael Peters, director of the British Medical Association’s “Doctors for Doctors” program, doesn’t think so. Ensuring physicians are healthy and have access to health services throughout their careers is critical to an effective medical system and good patient care. Learn about the art and science of treating physicians, and how doctors can get help confidentially, safely and proactively.

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Highly functioning and healthy doc: mission (im)possible?

Guest: Dr. Luis Sanchez

Is time spent to ensure clinical competence too often at the expense of your personal life? Dr. Luis Sanchez, addictions psychiatrist and director of the State of Massachusetts physician health program, speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about ways to lead a healthier, more balanced life and create a more compassionate work culture.

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Seeking the burnout solution

Guest: Dr. Karin Ro

What can doctors do when they're experiencing burnout? How and where can they address perceived vulnerabilities? Is it possible to manage work and family-related stressors without neglecting personal needs? Dr. Karin Ro, occupational health physician and counselor at Villa Sana – an innovative wellness centre for health professionals in Modum Bad, Norway – shares research and insights on how "a healthier doctor" results from understanding choices, possibilities and opportunities.

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Important stuff first: the gateway to wellness

Guest: Dr. Pilar Lusilla

The stresses and demands of the medical profession are many. How do physicians make time for what’s most important? And what does “most important” mean? For 10 years, Spanish psychiatrist Dr. Pilar Lusilla has focused on helping doctors find the right work-life balance at PAIMM (Programa d’Atencio Integral al Metge Malalt), an integral care program for sick physicians. She shares insights about why taking care of oneself is the most important thing a physician can do.

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The many layers of the healthy doc

Guest: Dr. Patrick Alley

A fine balance exists between self-awareness, collegiality within the profession and being a healthy physician. Hear what Dr. Patrick Alley, surgeon and coordinator of the Doctors' Health Advisory Service in Auckland, N.Z., has to say about the benefits of drilling down and learning what makes you and your colleagues tick.

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